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    Sheath for a Stag Hunter

    Great looking leather Travis Beautiful knife also. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Semi Skinner

    Looks good Lee !!
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    youth turkey

    Took two daughters out on saturday was able to bring one in for the oldest. Younger daughter went along to see what it was all about.We all had a great time.Seen a hog, two deer and was back at the truck by 9:00 am.
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    Oh boy!

    good luck Calvin
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    Hammer in

    Does anybody know of hammer ins taking place in Florida next year ? Or forging classes ? They always seem to be way out of state.
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    Damascus art hammer by Mike Draper

    super nice!!! Bob
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    Skinner i made for a friends birthday.His deer antler, buffalo horn bolster.1095 blade.Over all 8 1/2 inch blade 3 3/4 inch.Thanks for looking. Bob
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    KITH official pictures thread

    Received my knife from rasret01 sat.what a nice little edc, could even make a necker with sheath with a belt clip on it good call.sign me up to receive a knife from rasret01 on any kith. Thank you Mr.Stockford Bob
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    Gunflint Bowie

    Super cool. love the handle shape and sheath too
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    Utility sheath

    real nice Travis, great blade too!!
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    KITH official pictures thread

    Definitely!! will have a go at it next year
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    Southpa rig

    you do awesome work.
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    KITH official pictures thread

    Here is my offering, 0-1 treated by peters to 58rc cocabola scales with green liner s.s. pins and tube green and brown lanyard 7 1/2" overall with 3" blade thanks for doing this Sean hope to be involved next year Bob Purdy
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    Georgia Skinner Sheath

    I like them both too Travis
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    Carved rig

    Sweet lookin rig K.T Bob
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    One For Saturday

    Both are real nice Travis.Good to see you over here. Bob
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    3rd Annual KD July KITH

    Wow some top notch knives all the way fellas. I'll post mine soon