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    youth turkey

    Took two daughters out on saturday was able to bring one in for the oldest. Younger daughter went along to see what it was all about.We all had a great time.Seen a hog, two deer and was back at the truck by 9:00 am.
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    Hammer in

    Does anybody know of hammer ins taking place in Florida next year ? Or forging classes ? They always seem to be way out of state.
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    Skinner i made for a friends birthday.His deer antler, buffalo horn bolster.1095 blade.Over all 8 1/2 inch blade 3 3/4 inch.Thanks for looking. Bob
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    Band saws

    Hey dogs, Would anyone know if a reliant 14 inch bandsaw is decent? I think it is 4 .speed and slowest speed is 600 would that work for metal. Also there asking 100.00 from what I found online there out of business thanks in advance
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    rc ?

    Hey Dogs i have two blades to send to peters for heat treat. first a skinner of 1095, 1/8th " thick, 4" long . second a drop point of o-1, 5/32 nd thick about 3 1/2 " long for skinning , quartering,camp chores a little of everything. what rc hardness should i ask for? any advice KnifeDogs ?
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    kiln ?

    i talked to a lady that has an evenheat k-10 model sitter for ceramics.30 amp, 240 volt, top loading i didn't find much info on the net. would this make a descent kiln for knives? maybe with some modifications.
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    knife edge

    was grinding on a skinner blade of the edge down to about .18 thousanth is that to thin before heat treat?
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    mosaic pins

    was gonna try to make some.would a drop of latex paint work for colorant? or would it gum up the epoxy ? was curious what ya'll use
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    shoulder sheaths

    would anybody have a picture or pattern of a knife shoulder sheath to share? thinkin of trying to make one
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    just found site

    hello everybody just joined interested in making knives will eventually get my feet wet