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  1. Eric Kramer

    Avoiding legal problems

    What insurance company are you guys using?
  2. Eric Kramer

    Sub Hilt Fighter and others

    Love that sub hilt, beautiful work.
  3. Eric Kramer

    180 out form my usual

    Not sand blasted. This project has taken me way to long to complete but now that its done I'm very happy with the it came out. 1/8 in Chad Nichols iguana pattern stainless damascus. 7 1/2 inch blade, 12 in overall. My creation of black and tan G10 laminated with carbon fiber that I've been...
  4. Eric Kramer

    Persian Fighter

    Looks great, nice lines.
  5. Eric Kramer

    Eight Inch Chef's Knife

    Nicely done, great looking pattern.
  6. Eric Kramer

    Bravo One (my first flipper)

    Awesome, hope my first turns out that well and congrats to your friend for making it through the Q course. Eric
  7. Eric Kramer

    Satin finishLibre Fighter MKII

    Here is the latest, satin finished LF MKII. I'm really happy with the way this came out, now for a sheath.
  8. Eric Kramer

    Libre Fighter Mk II

    Thanks for the comments guys.
  9. Eric Kramer

    Libre Fighter Mk II

    This is the new Libre fighter design that I have been working on. It was brought to my attention that the first design was very similar to a design that was already out there so I decided that a re-design was in order. This design meets all the criteria that the original wharncliff style did and...
  10. Eric Kramer

    Snakewood,with CarbonFiber bolsters

    Nice work, really like the way the carbon fiber and wood look together.
  11. Eric Kramer

    Libre fighter, group shots

    Thanks guys.
  12. Eric Kramer

    Libre fighter, group shots

    Just finished these up this afternoon and am really happy with the way they turned out. #3 isn't finished yet, it's getting some fancy digs (for me anyway) not the standard blast and etch finish. Thanks for looking Eric Kramer
  13. Eric Kramer

    Tsunami Tactical fighter. Gift for a soldier..

    Great looking knife.
  14. Eric Kramer

    New Model, Libre Fighter

    Once the final details are worked out, there will be a video done by Libre Fighting explaining the features of the knife and how they are utilized.
  15. Eric Kramer

    Kydex rivets?

    Will 8-8 rivets work with .093 kydex or only .060? Thanks Eric
  16. Eric Kramer

    New Model, Libre Fighter

    Here is a new design I'm working on with the input of Scott Babb, the founder of Libre Fighting System. I'm really happy with the way this came out! I'm planning on doing an aluminum trainer for this as well. Thanks for looking and here are the specs: Libre Fighter - 9 in overall length -...
  17. Eric Kramer

    Repentance V2 :: IKBS, S35VN :: Flipper Dagger

    Beautifully executed! Great work!
  18. Eric Kramer

    Looking for a knifemaker class somewhere near southern California

    I'm in San Diego, I'm usually in the shop on either Sat or Sun, whichever day I'm not working. PM me if you want to come by. Eric
  19. Eric Kramer

    New design

    Hey guys, been awhile since I've posted anything but here's the latest new piece to come out of the shop. 12 in overall length with a 6 1/2 in blade, 3 1/16 thick CPM154 steel. Handle material is "ACU" G10 from Tracey which I think has become my new favorite handle material. Just waiting on a...
  20. Eric Kramer

    New Bengal Karambit

    Very cool!