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  1. Ben Sellers

    Coote Grinder

    I have a 2x72 Coote grinder with 10” wheel for sale for $500. It has a glass platen and a 1.5 hp 120v wired motor. I have step pulleys on the motor and on the grinder wheel do there is a large amount of speed variability for a motor without a VFD. Please note the damage to one of the step...
  2. Ben Sellers

    Evenheat KH18 for sale

    I’m selling my lightly used KH18 oven for $1100. It has the solid state drive, Bill Burke modification, and Genesis programmable controller. It is a 110 volt unit but will reach over 2000 degrees. I have a roll of stainless foil I’ll throw in. I will throw in a 10L Ln dewar for another $100. I...
  3. Ben Sellers

    How to fix a mistake?

    So I finished this sheath but placed the snap too loose. After moving the snap, the original hole is visible. Does anyone have an idea how to either hide the hole or make it not look so bad? I figure I could add more holes to make it look like a belt but that may look silly. Thanks
  4. Ben Sellers

    Grain Growth

    I have a question about grain in a blade. I broke a blade today to get a look at the grain. I am not able to see grains with my naked eye, but when I take an extreme close-up picture I can see grain pretty well. This blade was 1095 that was heat treated at 1475 degrees F with a 10 minute wait...
  5. Ben Sellers

    Most Recent Work

    This is one of four knives I am working on right now. All are very similar- 1095 with hamons and walnut. Two are Drop point hunters, two are bird and trouts. This is one of the bird and trouts. This is the first knife that designed on my own. It has a 3 inch blade and 5 inch handle of walnut...
  6. Ben Sellers

    Quench Plates

    I'm planning to buy a set of quench plates. Right now I'm thinking 1 × 6 × 12. That way I could quench 2 10 inch overall knives at the time. I think anything longer would be awkward an anything but long blades. I may buy a set 18" long if and when I start to make larger knives. Thoughts or...
  7. Ben Sellers

    Setting up new oven

    I bought a new Evenheat KH18 with Genesis controller, solid state electronics and Bill Burke modification that should be delivered within a few weeks. My plan is to build a table to put it on that has a top layer of cement board. I'll also line part of the garage wall nearest the oven with the...
  8. Ben Sellers

    My Newest

    This is my first hidden tang knife, first guard, and first time using multiple handle materials. I’m overall very pleased except for the one glaring mistake. I had trouble reaming out the hole with my saws all blade that was fashioned into a broach. Either the hole was bigger that I thought or I...
  9. Ben Sellers

    Shop Rolls

    Do any of you guys use shop rolls of sandpaper? It seems like a pretty good system for storage and convenient to use. What I don’t know is if the quality is any good. I just spent a small fortune on sand paper sheets so it’ll be a while but I’m thinking about next time already. Thanks
  10. Ben Sellers

    Ferric Chloride Question

    I have a question about ferric chloride for etching. How long will a 1:4 solution of Ferric last. I’m thinking of trying to do a hamon once I’ve refined my finishes. If it’ll only last a year or so, I may buy a second bottle as a backup. It its good and stable for years I may just get one...
  11. Ben Sellers

    My Work

    Here are two of my most recent knives. The first is a 1084 drop point hunter with curly maple finished with aqua fortis. This knife is one of number 4-7 for me. A lady at work asked for three identical as Christmas presents. I added a fourth to give to my father in law. The second is a 80crv2...
  12. Ben Sellers

    Hello from Alabama

    Hi, I’m Ben from Alabama. I’ve been a member for about six months but this is my first post. I have been making knive for almost a year. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge on this forum. I have already learned a good bit from people on here-thanks. I’ll try to post some pictures of my work...