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  1. mack1

    A Couple Barkies Rehandled

    A while back, I rehandled a Copperhead for a customer. My wife, Luanne, loved it so much, she didn't want me to send it back.:biggrin: Just kidding, really. But she did love it. So, for her B'Day this year, I managed to obtain another, and rehandled it in Amboynia burl, like the first, with...
  2. mack1

    Cobalt and Carbide Drill Bits

    What's the difference here? I see the BossDog has some solid Micrograin Carbide bits on his Site now. I need to drill through hardened steel(ie: a knife), and there's that difference in price. I know(think) both are brittle, so I should get more than one. Need an answer, so's I can place my...
  3. mack1


    OK! Since rehandling is considered modifications, here are some of the Barkies I've done for Members over on KF. Being disabled, it gives me something to fill the time on my hands, and helps offset supply costs. cool 1 Besides, I really enjoy doing it. 2thumbs
  4. mack1

    Belt Question

    jcullen asked about the importance of belt direction but I've got another. Those of you that split your 2x72 inch belts in half, how exactly do you do it? I've asked this before on a different(across the Pond) Forum, but never got a straight answer. Now I'm at the point on a couple very...
  5. mack1

    Not mine but ...

    ... this is a BR Montana Guide II that belongs to Oldways on KF. He didn't care for the original handles, so he sent it to me. Stabilized End Grain Olivewood with Brass Pins. Nothing extroordinary, but nice nonetheless. Feels great "in hand".
  6. mack1

    Just joined ...

    ... and I wanted to say "Hey!". I already see some familiar names, so I shouldn't feel like a complete Noob.:D