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  1. Eric Kramer

    180 out form my usual

    Not sand blasted. This project has taken me way to long to complete but now that its done I'm very happy with the it came out. 1/8 in Chad Nichols iguana pattern stainless damascus. 7 1/2 inch blade, 12 in overall. My creation of black and tan G10 laminated with carbon fiber that I've been...
  2. Eric Kramer

    Satin finishLibre Fighter MKII

    Here is the latest, satin finished LF MKII. I'm really happy with the way this came out, now for a sheath.
  3. Eric Kramer

    Libre Fighter Mk II

    This is the new Libre fighter design that I have been working on. It was brought to my attention that the first design was very similar to a design that was already out there so I decided that a re-design was in order. This design meets all the criteria that the original wharncliff style did and...
  4. Eric Kramer

    Libre fighter, group shots

    Just finished these up this afternoon and am really happy with the way they turned out. #3 isn't finished yet, it's getting some fancy digs (for me anyway) not the standard blast and etch finish. Thanks for looking Eric Kramer
  5. Eric Kramer

    Kydex rivets?

    Will 8-8 rivets work with .093 kydex or only .060? Thanks Eric
  6. Eric Kramer

    New Model, Libre Fighter

    Here is a new design I'm working on with the input of Scott Babb, the founder of Libre Fighting System. I'm really happy with the way this came out! I'm planning on doing an aluminum trainer for this as well. Thanks for looking and here are the specs: Libre Fighter - 9 in overall length -...
  7. Eric Kramer

    New design

    Hey guys, been awhile since I've posted anything but here's the latest new piece to come out of the shop. 12 in overall length with a 6 1/2 in blade, 3 1/16 thick CPM154 steel. Handle material is "ACU" G10 from Tracey which I think has become my new favorite handle material. Just waiting on a...
  8. Eric Kramer

    New design

    Hey everyone, been awhile since I posted anything new. This design has been floating around in my head for a while now and I finally got the chance to put into steel. It's made from 1/8 CPM154 with tan G10 handles, blade length is 3.5 inches with an overall length of 8 inches. Thanks for looking...
  9. Eric Kramer

    First ones from the new shop

    Finally got moved and have the shop set up. These are the first 2 since I PCSd to San Diego. They are identical except for one is flat ground and one is hollow ground, other than that all dimensions are the same. I have an order for 3 of these the last one will have G10 handles and has a...
  10. Eric Kramer

    New shop

    Finally got everything wired in last night so I'm officially back up and running.:biggrin: I more than doubled my work space and added a dusted collector/water trap since I am sharing space with the washer and dryer. I've attached a few pics for your viewing pleasure, thanks for looking. Eric
  11. Eric Kramer

    no name fighter

    Here's the latest. This will be one of last ones for a while. I'll be moving to San Diego in June so I need to start packing up the shop. I still need to do a couple of O1 blades just not sure if I'll I'm going to have the time. Tried something different on this one. I used natural phenolic for...
  12. Eric Kramer

    For those that like a little recurve

    Here the latest. This is a single edge version of the gutshot fighter that I have been doing. Sorry for the pics, my light set up is OOC for a while. Tried a random grind on the handle slabs to get some extra grip. Thanks for looking and here are the specs: 3/16 ATS34 10 1/4 overall length 5...
  13. Eric Kramer

    New Marine Fighting/Utility Knife

    Hey everyone, this is the first one I've made since I got back in the shop after 8 weeks out. This one is going to a Marine (hence the name), may it serve him well. Thanks for looking and feedback is always welcome. Eric Here are the specs: 3/16 CPM154CM 5 in blade 10 In overall OD...
  14. Eric Kramer

    San Diego area knife makers?

    Anyone in the San Diego? I am probably (most likely) moving there this summer, just curious if there are any knife makers in the area. Eric
  15. Eric Kramer

    First prototype of the new year

    Happy New Year everyone! This is my first one for 2010. This is the prototype for a knife I'm doing for a Marine, the final one has a few minor changes. This is a couple of firsts for me, my first tanto type grind, and first time doing serrations. Heres the specs; 10 in overall length 5 1/4 in...
  16. Eric Kramer

    Some knives I've made

    Hey guys, here are a few of the knives I've made. I got on a karambit kick a few years ago and started making the one pictured and a slightly longer more curved version that I don't have pics of on this computer. Lately I've been doing the bigger chopper and fighters and variations of those...
  17. Eric Kramer

    New guy checking in

    Hey guys, heard about this forum from David Curtiss. See a few names here I recognize and a lot I don't. See you on the forums. Eric