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  1. Matt de Clercq

    Koa Kwaiken

    I thought I would share my most recient take on a Kwaiken. Comments welcome. N690, stabilized Koa.
  2. Matt de Clercq

    If You See This Guy At The Blade Show

    If you see a guy wondering around the Blade Show next week that looks like this and wearing this hat, stop him and say Hi because it's me. This will be my first knife show even though I have been following the knife making scene since 2003. I'm excited to be going. If you have any tips or will...
  3. Matt de Clercq

    A couple for other makers

    It just so happens that two knives were back to back on my to-do list that were for other knife makers. I like when I get this kind of opertunity because they understand what it takes, how long it takes and their feedback can be very valuable. This one is N690, Mallee Burl, G10 bolsters and...
  4. Matt de Clercq

    Little of this and a little of that

    A friend came over to talk knives and ended up asking me to make one that was a little like three different knives I had laying around. This is what I came up with...a clippiointhuntercamper. .180" N690, walnut, bloodwood and G10.
  5. Matt de Clercq

    A couple 9 x 14.5inchers

    .098" aeb-l
  6. Matt de Clercq

    Any use for steel scrap?

    Is there any use for all the little pieces of steel I end up with after cutting out blades? It wouldn't be much of a hassle to save it rather than throw it away but I can't think of anything it could be used for or heard of anyone asking for it.
  7. Matt de Clercq

    My son's first knife

    I have been helping my 5 year old build his first knife for a few months and he recently finished. I was able to get him to do a lot of the work by setting up jigs and using a sharpy to color material that he needed to grind or sand off. I could go on and on about what a great experience it was...
  8. Matt de Clercq

    Drive belt/motor configuration

    I am in the process of upgrading my motor for my KMG. Previously I have had the grinder and the motor bolted to the bench in a way that keeps the belt tight. This way has worked for me but I would like to know if mounting the motor to a hinged plate would be better? I was thinking that the...
  9. Matt de Clercq

    4 Fillet Knives

    I just finished up some .070" thick 14" OAL AEB-L fillet knives. All suggestions and comments are welcome. Merry Christmas
  10. Matt de Clercq


    A Disneyland pop up interrupts my forum viewing every time I click on a new page. Is there any way of getting rid of it?
  11. Matt de Clercq

    A few recent works

    I am stuck at the court house for jury duty today so I thought I would take advantage of the abrupt slow down to my week to post some pictures of some hunting knives I have recently finished. All questions, comments and discussions are welcome.
  12. Matt de Clercq

    Kitchen cutter

    I recently finished up this chef's knife. The steel is .098" AEB-L with a scotch brite belt finish. It's has a 9" blade and is 14.25" AOL. The scales are kirinite with G10 bolsters and liners and carbon fiber pins. All suggestions and comments are welcome.
  13. Matt de Clercq

    Photo Stencil Material

    I'm looking for some good photo stencil material to use with my stencil maker. Any recommendations?
  14. Matt de Clercq

    Recent Projects

    I thought I would show everyone what I have been up to lately. Thanks for looking. All critiques are welcome.
  15. Matt de Clercq

    Your Favorite Bandsaw Blade

    I need to get more bandsaw blades for my portaband and would like to hear what brand you like.
  16. Matt de Clercq

    Ti Clip DIY

    Hey guys, I am looking for information on how to make a deep carry Titanium pocket clip for my first liner lock build. Is .050" the best thickness and what is the best way to bend it?
  17. Matt de Clercq

    Two of my favorites

    Two of my favorites, AEB-L and Curly Maple. All comments welcome as I am trying to improve.
  18. Matt de Clercq

    Light wieght drop point hunter

    My Dad hikes a lot so I built him a knife that is as light possible but can still be a knife that he can rely on. It's .150" at the ricasso, 4" of cutting edge and 8.5" OA. The steel is 154cm and the handle is stabilized figured Maple with carbon fiber and hidden pins. Thanks for looking. All...
  19. Matt de Clercq

    Wildebeest Horn

    I recently bought some wildebeest horn scales from Jantz. It seems really oily and somewhat soft on the dark side. What, if anything, needs to be done to this stuff to make it knife handle worthy?
  20. Matt de Clercq

    Contact wheel resurfacing?

    I have modified a 10" grizzly contact/drive wheel to run on my KMG and have noticed uneven ware on the edges resulting in extra work to get plunges even. Got any ideas or experience on fixing this? I was thinking of putting it back on the griz so it can be spun but don't know where to go from...