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  1. mack1

    Do you believe God?

    I'm not so sure about Mark 11:24. God answers all Prayers, yes, but sometimes the answer is "No". As a result, I lost a dear Friend this past Wednesday.:2: A lot of you may know, or know of, her. Judy Schmitt(jschmitt). Well, one of my Prayers was answered. He took her quickly, without...
  2. mack1


    Here's a couple older Barkies, and a Mini Canadian, for a friend in Nevada. All done in a 3 Scale Set of Desert Ironwood Burl from ADI.
  3. mack1

    Fallkniven with a difference.

    :35: Ya done that knife proud.
  4. mack1

    Ritter in Rose Myrtle Burl

    :what!: Nice!!! Where'd ya find that wood?
  5. mack1

    Knife Making and being Disabled

    I blew a Lumbar disc in early '94 and suffered permanent damage to the Sciatic Nerve Roots. I know your pain. Handles are keeping me very busy for now, but I'd like to make some knives in the future. Problem is, I just can't sit and work. It throws me off somehow. So I stand, sometimes...
  6. mack1


    No Camp Stories, sorry. Not sure I'd admit to any anyway.:9: I usually go with the Two Part Loctite Epoxy. However, since having a problem once with Vulcanized Fiber Liners to some "Nightmare(sellers description) Redwood" scales, I've used the Gorilla Glue Epoxy exclusively. No more...
  7. mack1

    Spacer Materials in Viet Nam Service Ribbon Colors

    Ray, while the colors may be easier to find, the thickness may prove more difficult. Check Tracy's Site. Between the Vulcanized Fiber and G-10 Spacer Materials he carries, you may be able to manage it.
  8. mack1

    belt grinder?

    I built my own, too, with fabrication skills garnered in the USMC. I spent ~10% of what I would have on a brand new Burr King. Granted, I'd need a different drive pully for grinding steel, but this one with 4 speeds is great for handles, and that's what I do. For now. :3:
  9. mack1

    Confirmation That KnifeDogs Are the BEST!

    What is it with male dogs sleeping on their backs? Here's Marshall, on a cold day a month or so ago, with my old poncho liner from my days in The Corps. And in his favorite sleeping position. He's half Yellow Lab, half Sheppard, and he's not spoiled either. Yeah, right.:9:
  10. mack1

    Finally built up the courage to post a few pics

    Criticism? I have none! I think you did a fine job.:35:
  11. mack1

    A Couple Barkies Rehandled

    A while back, I rehandled a Copperhead for a customer. My wife, Luanne, loved it so much, she didn't want me to send it back.:biggrin: Just kidding, really. But she did love it. So, for her B'Day this year, I managed to obtain another, and rehandled it in Amboynia burl, like the first, with...
  12. mack1

    Smoke and Prayers needed!!!

    Fought some particularly nasty demons myself, and couldn't have done it without the support of my wife and son. So I've a fair idea how that goes. Coby had you, and you can tell her for me, that's a blessing. Maybe, hopefully, it can help instill a bit of Faith in her. Good to hear...
  13. mack1

    Knife Scale Give Away Sign up!

    Oh, hell, why not? I did get lucky on KD once, so I'll give it a shot. #77 please, and thanks for the opportunity.:3:
  14. mack1

    Whadda ya mean homemade!!!???

    Because what "I" want just aint out there at WallyWorld, etc. Maybe it's there for them, but it just ain't gonna be as good.:3:
  15. mack1

    Big Green Grinding Machine

    I was thinking the same thing. Now, I'm no expert on electric motors, but that doesn't look like a TEFC to me. Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled. Mine isn't, and I find I need to blow air in there to get the dust out. I've been considering some kind of filter to put over the end, like maybe...
  16. mack1

    Machine Tools

    The HF model works just fine. Make sure you get the Warranty on it though. You get a free(well, almost) Bandsaw when the original does go. And it will, eventually. As to the "quality blades", make sure they're "Bi-Metal".:3:
  17. mack1

    Metal Texturing and Finishes... Need some help

    David, that's some really nice work there. :3: Some other good lookin' stuff in this Thread, too.:35:
  18. mack1

    Help me plan the layout of my shop build

    Amen!!! That dust just gets everywhere!:34: I wish I had a building like that, too!:sad:
  19. mack1

    I'm SURE someone has needed this before...

    Removing original handles is part of my job. First, I tape the hell outta the blade. :3: I stick the knife in a vise, and apply a heat gun, evenly, to both side of the handle. A razor cutter gets in there pretty good, then a putty knife. This for knives with pins. Corby's hafta be...
  20. mack1

    To Glue or Not To Glue.......

    Yup. Even with Corby's, I use Epoxy too. And lately, I've been considering using Gun Tight on the Corby's as well. May not be necessary, but it would make me feel better. Maybe my customers, too. :3: