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  1. smithy

    Need a Sword can/walking stick

    I haven't been around in a looooog time, but at one time I planned on making knives. Nowadays I could really use a cane as a walking aid. So I thought....a sword cane. Anyone got one for sale? Must be usable ...made or ready very soon. I am also looking for someone to put together blades (all...
  2. smithy

    Getting rid of steel and supplies

    I will be setting up at the "National Muzzle Loaders Rifle shoot" in Friendship, In. This weekend (June 10 thru the 13). I will be selling all my steel, ivory, stag, and wood supplies, and tools. Bruce Bump file guide, and other jigs. Everything will go. I have annealed D2, 1095,1084, and other...
  3. smithy

    What's ahead of you....

    I have been around for a while. I have been a goldsmith for 40 years. I have just been diagnosed with lung cancer. WHY...because I have been too stupid to wear a dusk mask. I am in Cincinnati, Oh. I have a lot of steel and accessories. I don't want to ship. If you are near Cincy, Oh and can...
  4. smithy

    Best way to ship...

    I am selling some equipment that I no longer use, like a forge, anvil, and grinder. Anyone have any suggestion on packing and shipping? I have no experience in this area and I would like any ideas. As always, TIA for any help and advice. Thanks...
  5. smithy

    Where I'm at..

    Where I'm at after a couple of years... I am a gold smith---I make small things. That's what I enjoy and that's what I am totally set up todo. But, I have mostly worked in non-ferrous metals. Not much in steel, but my enthusiasm was high. I closed my retail store in 2012 at 70,retired (not...
  6. smithy

    Buffing Information is a booklet on buffing and polishing. It contains a lot of good information on equipment, supplies, techniques, and safety. Hope it helps (and that the link works )
  7. smithy

    Notes on Polishing is an article covering the polishing process. Lots of good explanations about buffs and the polishing compounds that go with them. Hope you all find it useful.
  8. smithy

    Knife makers in Eau Clair, Wi.

    I will be in the Eau Clair, Wi. from Sept 4th through the 7th. for my wife to visit her cousin. They will be 'visiting' while I will have nothing to do. Any knife makers in the area that would like a visit from a noob at your shop? I can use all the help I can get :). I'll provide refreshments...
  9. smithy

    Custom metal casting

    I have been casting metals for the jewelry industry for 35 years. I cast in gold, silver, copper, yellow bronze and white bronze. If you have gold or silver, I will cast your metal, upon inspection. I will cast your waxes or I have stock waxes. Three week turn-around. If you want to get...
  10. smithy

    Thank you Tracey

    and all the support people that keep KD's running. I know it takes a lot of 'behind the scenes' work to keep this forum operating smoothly,,,providing a WEALTH of information for knife makers of all ages, both amateurs and seasoned veterans. You guys are wonderful... Teddy
  11. smithy

    Buffer safety

    A buffer is the most dangerous tool in the shop, if used incorrectly. I found this article on buffer safety and thought it would be beneficial to post, so here is the link... As I am a computer dummy, I hope the link works. Enjoy...Teddy PS It also applies...
  12. smithy

    Holiday Gift Exchange

    I had an idea that it might be nice to have a holiday gift exchange of knife related products. Nothing expensive, just something that would be useful to ANY knifemakers. The maximum value of the gift to be $25.00 or less. A set of scales, a piece of known quality steel, guard material...that...
  13. smithy

    Storage ideas

    My total knife shop can fit in an 8 x 10 room, so space is at a premium. I made a lazy susan to hold belts from a flea market lazy susan and some pcv pipe. I sued the same technique to make a holder for my steel. Saves a lot of space. Teddy
  14. smithy

    H/F bandsaw mods

    Iam a hobby knifemaker. I got a H/F metal cutting bandsaw. I knew I was just going to use it in the vertical position, so I decided to make a seat for it. And it went on from there. Here are pics... This turned into a much longer project. The oiler system was made with parts I had...
  15. smithy

    Programing an oven

    I am a new maker that is using 1084. I have a couple of ovens (left over from another life) and they are both programmable. My questions are: 1. In normalizing, can I program a routine that will allow me to take it up to 1600, stop and let it cool for 2 hrs, then take it back to 1500 and let...
  16. smithy

    ABS Hammer In this weekend Who's going? I want to meet as many people as possible so I can put names and faces together. I'll be the guy behind the 'pay it forward' table to benefit the ABS. Take...
  17. smithy

    Pay It Forward help

    I am going to the ABS Hammer-in this weekend. I am allowed one table. I have gone through my shop and supplies and my table is going to be a 'pay it forward table'. It is for knife makers who are new, on hard times, or for whatever reason, they can use something on the table. The cost will be...
  18. smithy

    Surface rust removal

    Anyone have an easier way to remove surface rust from equipment, other than sanding. I just bought a 3/4 hp drill press and the center shaft is covered with surface rust from sitting in his garage. It's runs great as is. Since time is my enemy, I am looking for a quicker way remove this rust...
  19. smithy

    Mid-America Bladesmithing Expo

    Anyone going??? Last week-end of this month in Troy Ohio. I what to meet as many dogs and dogets as possible. There is even primitive camping at the Troy Fairgrounds. That's where I'll be---with a full cooler:3: ...Teddy
  20. smithy

    Tool Question

    I closed my studio a year ago and have some tools that I don't know if they will be useful as a new hobby maker. A Uni-mat lathe (with all the accessories. It is a mini lathe that is great for small work. A dual inlet dust collector (Velocity)with adjustable hoods that allow individual...