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  1. Indian George

    steve shackleford

    BB, checkout whats going on facebook!/steve.shackleford.3/posts/195393457259985?comment_id=612174&notif_t=like
  2. Indian George


    This is the interview I had with a PBS Radio-station from Woodshole MA.​79014-everyday-carry
  3. Indian George

    Moving to AZ

    I will be moving, before the end of the year. I will be heading down to Chandler,AZ. To share a house with my son and his family. I'll will be down sizing my shop. I'll be posting what I will be sell'g.
  4. Indian George

    My Lil Wolf

    I just got Jaguar back from the Groomer.:biggrin:
  5. Indian George

    Hey BB

    Thing you can build one like this??? New Bedford Whaling Rocket And Gun The Whaling Rocket and also the Harpoon Gun took the place of the hand held harpoon and greatly improved the efficiency and safety of the hunt. It allowed whalers to...
  6. Indian George

    New Friend's Work

    This is a pic of my new friend's work. She covers the piece with wood chips and other small pieces of wood.
  7. Indian George

    African Fighter

    Coop did this layout today. The knife was designed with an African theme, hence the ivory, water buffalo and Springbok. The sheath has a ostrich foot inlay. This is why I call it the Afician Fighter. Blade 1084, 15N20 and nickel, the guard is 1018 hot blued. Sheath made by Tess.
  8. Indian George

    Sad Day

    I got my dog's(Ferrari) ashes in. I'll be putting Helen's ashes and Ferrari's ashes into a canister so they will be back together.:sad:
  9. Indian George


    I have some of the butternut tree that I cut down last year left. It's good for carving and smoking meats or mounting a anvil. If you want it come and get it.
  10. Indian George

    Surface Grinder old $200
  11. Indian George


    BB, did I ever thank you for the billet you sent me??:biggrin::biggrin:
  12. Indian George

    hippo tusks What go you guys think of the price
  13. Indian George

    Heat Treating Relish

    Received in yesterday Ghost Chili Powder. It will be added to the batch of my Heat Treating Relish that I am making today. I was sitting on my couch with 2 of my dogs on each side of me. As soon as I opened the envelope that it came in, the dogs took a mad dash off the couch. It's one way to get...
  14. Indian George

    Now this is a gun???

    Maybe closer to a cannon.:biggrin::s11798:!
  15. Indian George


    I updated the workshop album. If you guys a interest in seeing them????:what!:
  16. Indian George

    The beginning

    This is a billet with my Lady's ashes in it. Above it is wrought iron from a old anchor chain for the fittings and below it a Warthogs tusk for the handle. Helen was my Lil' Motor Cycle Lady. She collected all kinds of pigs (HD Hog), I had to buy a crystal pig ever year for X'Mas. So this is...
  17. Indian George

    Free to a Good Home

    Our house was broken into last night by two robbers who locked me in the bathroom, and proceeded to steal all they could carry. Our watchdog Killer did not alert us at all, and for this reason we are giving him away. We no longer want this dog. We hâve decided on installing an electric fence...
  18. Indian George

    Newest Member of the Guild

    His name is Brendon. This is a bad pic of him making up his first cable damascus billet.:biggrin:
  19. Indian George

    This is funny

    The producers of this beer commercial borrowed a small 150 seat cinema playing a popular film, and filled 148 of its seats with rough-looking, tattooed bikers, leaving only two free seats in the middle of the theater. They then allowed theater management to sell tickets for the last pair of...
  20. Indian George

    Checkout my Sweetheart taking a bath with nothing on

    OOH!! I forgot to say, that Sweetheart is my Quarker Parrot. HEHEHEHEHE!!!