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  1. Sean Jones

    Large piece of Bubinga

    I have located a large piece of Bubinga. Roughly 6 feet in length 11 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches thick. I don't believe Bubinga needs to be stabilized. Since it's far more than I could ever use, is there any interest from others here in cuts from it? I'm thinking $15 per piece. Each piece would...
  2. Sean Jones

    Looking for input on possible anvil stand and anvil

    I've been tinkering today with cutting some 4x4's for an anvil stand. And I've been thinking how all of this is going to come together. I have one piece of heavy unknown steel as shown here. It has almost no rebound. And I also have a 52100 round that has reasonable rebound. To my...
  3. Sean Jones

    Danger Will Robinson! Danger! The importance of good air and PPE in your shop

    Just thought I'd give everyone a reminder about the importance of good PPE; especially masks for your lungs. I ended up in the hospital last week for three days from an unknown lung problem. First diagnosed as Pneumonia it turns out they do not know for certain what I had, other than I most...
  4. Sean Jones

    Air compressor help

    I don't recall seeing this build up of residue when I first got my compressor. Now I get this residue with the consistency of talcum powder when I empty the tank. I empty the tank after each session. Is this normal? I'm suspecting it isn't. Do I need to put the compressor in a cleaner...
  5. Sean Jones

    Free to a good home -band saw blade

    This has been sitting on my shop shelf for sometime now and is a band saw blade for wood. It's the wrong size for me. I ordered 70 1/2 when I needed 72 1/2 If you can use it, PM me your address and it's yours
  6. Sean Jones

    Surgery-Thoughts and Prayers for my daughter (Update)

    I don't usually discuss what I consider private matters on public forums, but my daughter could really use all the support she can get next week when she's goes in for a fairly risky operation to correct two conditions called MALS and Nutcracker syndrome respectively. The procedure involves...
  7. Sean Jones

    First Knife Order - need a few opinions please

    Or rather a cleaver. I've given away a few decent knives, and made a few others for myself and the wife, but this would be my first sale. So a touch nervous. I just met the guy today. I'll be meeting with him again on Monday to discuss the project further and set a price. I believe he intends...
  8. Sean Jones

    Spalted Tamarind

    My wife gave me several pieces of wood for knife scales for my recent birthday. Among them was this Spalted Tamarind. I intend to have it stabilized. However I've never worked with Spalted woods before or Tamarind. Any thing I should watch for? Thanks
  9. Sean Jones

    Recommend a forge and forging hammer(s)

    I've been using a home made coffee can forge for some time now. For what it is, it's done remarkably well. But obviously it has it's limits. I have all the parts to make a two burner forge, but it's been languishing for several reasons. Mostly because my welder isn't up to finishing the job...
  10. Sean Jones

    Router recommendations

    I'm currently making a Saya for a kitchen knife but I don't have a router so I'm making do with a drill press and chisels. Any recommendations on a router for Saya's and other minor woodwork? I've looked at the router attachment for the Dremel and while inexpensive I'm thinking it's under powered.
  11. Sean Jones

    Sources for Ferric Chloride and Silicon Carbide

    Amazon wait time on the FeCl is three weeks and the Silicon Carbide isn't much better. Any other places to look? I found some on Ebay ready to ship, but I'm always leery of Fleabay.
  12. Sean Jones

    Sean's KITH 2020 for Heikki -dropping out of KITH

    I've gotten started on my KITH knife for Heikki. This is the first time I've sort of let the design come to fruition as I worked on it. I've done this before when I've done free hand sketches before but not with a knife profile. So hopefully it's turned out OK. Though I would appreciate any feed...
  13. Sean Jones

    Leather very stiff and hard to work with. Storage problem?

    Since my leather working skills aren't very good I purchased some leather bellies from Tandy awhile back to practice with. Our humidity around here is usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% sometimes less. Especially during the summer. I've literally have had to dip the leather in water...
  14. Sean Jones

    Small wheel attachment

    I finally broke down and ordered a small wheel attachment and a 3/4" wheel from Boss Dog. Other than running it at low speed, is there any caveats or tricks to know about? I'm really looking forward to it speeding things up and also improving my knives. Should be here end of next week I believe.
  15. Sean Jones

    Scuff marks behind lanyard tube

    I'm having a devil of a time cleaning up a Cocobolo handle I'm working on behind the lanyard tube. I'm thinking I'm approaching this wrong. In the photo you can see the scuff marks behind the tube. I've tried removing them with an 800 grit belt and also hand sanding. I went back to 400 briefly...
  16. Sean Jones

    Custom EDM pins

    Does anyone know who makes custom EDM Mosaic pins? So far the only one I've found is out of the UK and they don't list their prices
  17. Sean Jones

    Tru-Oil on Cocobolo?

    I'm about done with a Bird and Trout knife that has Cocobolo scales and I'm loving the way it looks as is. However the wood appears to be a bit granular, which I like but I'm thinking some oil would help seal any potential problems. The question is then will the Tru-oil darken the Cocobolo...
  18. Sean Jones

    When to taper tangs and when not to

    Of those of you that taper tangs do you always taper, or do you have certain knives you taper and some you don't? I find myself frustrated with the tapered tangs that I've been doing and wondering if they are really worth extra effort. Any comments appreciated.
  19. Sean Jones


    This anvil is up for sale here locally for $900. 182 pounds. I can't quite make out what it says on the side even after enhancing the photos with GIMP. Does it say Sweden? Or something else? I can't make out that first letter.
  20. Sean Jones

    5. 7 Earthquake in Salt Lake City and surrounding area

    With COVID-19 virus making the news, I don't know if this will or not, so I thought I would mention it here . We have just experienced a 5.7 earthquake along the whole Wasatch Front.. Our house is about five miles from the epicenter. Everything's OK. Still have power. No cracks in the...