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    Osage Orange and Micarta Scales Mounted

    It's a really nice wood. Really nice work by the way
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    Road Trip

    Sounds like fun!
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    Making synthetic handle material

    I knew a guy who made burlap micarta for his knives all the time. Nice guy, he made some really nice handles using a lot of resin casting. He did one with acorn tops in blue resin. It was pretty cool. I do like the look of burlap though
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    I have a problem a wood addiction problem

    Oh lordie mate I get it. I keep pretty much anything and everything I think I could possibly use. I'm a hoarder and I fully admit it. Wood is an incredible material that offers an incredibly wide range and variety of colours and patterns. I love working with it, synthetic materials are nic ein...
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    How do you bevel your blades?

    I should also get a two by seventy two grinder, I've got a four by thirty six that works great in my shop as my shop is a woodshop. Not as good for steel as it is wood.
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    How do you bevel your blades?

    I know that most people like to use belt sanders where as some use filing jigs and the occasional person does it all in the forge. I'm just curious to what you methods are. So how do you bevel your blades?
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    Basic Bladesmithing Class

    I'm in a blacksmiths association that has a few members who were on forged in fire. I haven't met them yet but I hear they're nice guys. Hope your class goes well mate.
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    Eye's in blade?

    Well it's certainly darn cool looking!
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    Prob My Last Freebie

    Mistakes are never a problem, as long as you can hide them well and still put out good work. That's a nice looking knife by the way
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    Finger hole

    You could use a dremel to carve it out.
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    Redwing boots

    I've had my Redwings for about three years now, never checked where they were made (Probably should have) but the tags worn out and I can't even read it anymore. I happen to love my Redwings but I've been told Carolina welding boots are quite nice. If I need some other type of footwear I get...
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    Stabilized Figured Walnut & Spalted Maple Blocks

    That's some fancy dancy wood mate! I've no need for anything that small but they're certainly nice too look at. They will make nice handles for sure.
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    Stabilized Wood?

    Generally stabilized wood is great material to work with, I've not had to much experience with it as I have no need for it in my main works. I do know that since it is can be expensive make sure you're getting good quality material. I have heard that vacuum chambers aren't too spendy these days...
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    Little Skinner Osage Orange

    Aha! Wood! That I know how to talk about. Osage orange is a very nice wood to work with, it turns very nice and tends to be quite durable. Considering the colour on that handle, you have an older piece of it (Which looks better than bright yellow in my opinion.). What was the finish you used may...
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    A couple of recent knives

    Well that's rather nice. That's a very intriguing blade design you have on that first one, however may I ask why you decided to put the handle so far up?