I started putting handles on other folks blanks. Then when I retired end of 2011 I when to the ABS Intro to Bladesmithing class to learn how to forge my own knives with Burt Foster & Jason Knight, Mastersmths. After that class I have attended 2 Hammer-Ins and a Dooms Day Knife class with Mastersmith Jason Knight. My latest class has been Handles & Guards with Jim Rodebaugh, MS. My latest class was with James Crowell, MS. I find bladesmithing to be both educational and fun. As an Apprentice member of the American Bladesmith's Society I enjoy sharing what little knowledge I have on the subject.

I also enjoy sheath making and practice doing so with both leather and kydex.

Both my grandkids help me in the clean area designing and embellishing my practice wooden knives.

I also enjoy shooting, photography, wood turning, and cooking.

Bladesmithing, Leather Crafting, Wood Turning, Paracord Braiding, Photography, & Cooking
May 24
Hialeah, FL
Favorite knife.
Burt Foster EDC, I got as a prize at my Intro Class
Your Favorite Knife Handle Color
the look of fine curly maple
Bladesmith/Leather Craftsman


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George Brackett
ABS Apprentice Member
Hialeah, Florida

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