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    My latest knives - for my first show

    Hi Wayne, thanks for the feedback, appreciate it a lot. Hi Anthony, thanks for the feedback, glad you like them.
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    My latest knives - for my first show

    Hey Everyone Compliments of the season to you and your families, I hope it is a blessed and peaceful one for everyone. I'm not sure if this thread should be here or in Custom Knives thread, while I am still a relative newbie I have been doing it for about three or four years now. (Admins feel...
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    Cru-ForgeV and Madagascar Rosewood

    Stunning Work- love all the details!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Peter Martin - 4 NEW Flipper Folders

    Stunning work - really well done. I like them a lot.
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    First liner lock

    Looks good, nice for a first attempt. I'm just beginning to start with folders, hope my first one can come out as good as yours. Keep it up.
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    My latest one - a drop point hunter for a friends 60th birthday

    Thanks for the compliment Bushcraftbasics appreciate it. Thanks JPSWorks, I use a 12" diameter, 1" wide contact wheel, with 30mm / 1.18" belts - equal overhang on both sides for the plunge lines, no tracking the belt left or right is required.
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    My latest one - a drop point hunter for a friends 60th birthday

    Hi George Thanks for the compliment. As far as the belt loop goes , it isn't actually a separate piece, the "mid brown" piece of leather seen "wrapped" around the mouth of the sheath (with the logo stamped on it and the silver book binding stud through it), is the front part of the belt loop...
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    Tutorial for a bowie

    Beautiful Knife Denis Well done, thanks for the detailed photos along the way.
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    My latest one - a drop point hunter for a friends 60th birthday

    Hi Everyone I finished this one last week, it was commissioned by a friends wife for his 60th Birthday. Blade - 3.25mm N690 Hollow Ground (59Rc) Handle - composite scales of African Blackwood and Wild Olive with a white spacer. Two tone leather sheath with a reversible belt loop for right or...
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    Survey Time! Enter your favorite wood here

    Desert Ironwood, followed by African Blackwood and Wild Olive
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    My latest knife

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I appreciate it. Rick
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    Pommel Confusion

    Hi I think what you are most likely seeing are pommels that have been made (turned on a lathe) by the knifemaker, rather than purchased from a supplier.
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    If you find this humorous, then you are no doubt a knife maker.

    Thanks for the laugh Fred, I must be a knife guy!!
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    Lanyard tubing - both on fixed and folders, need help

    Hi Razor-Edge I cant say I have ever seen tubing that looks like that in a store, but I dont think it should be too difficult to produce, either by turning down thick wall tubing in a lathe or by pressing a piece of thin tubing into a piece of thicker tubing. ie: press a piece of 6mm tubing...
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    My latest knife

    Hi Everyone Late last year when I was looking for ideas for making a hunting knife for my boss , one of the suggestions I got on my local forum (SABlade), was to make a Loveless style Drop Point Hunter. I have always like the DPH so I did some searching and found a template online, (as it...