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    what is your EDC knife?

    woahhh! that was so amazing! how do you maintain the sharpeness of your edge for a long period of time?
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    what is your EDC knife?

    share your awesome EDC knife guys!
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    1080 Purpleheart EDC

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    Skinner WIP

    nice work!
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    carbon steel blade or stainless steel blade

    i have a couple of question to you guys ,what is the best blade do you need to use in your knife? what are the things you must be consider to take this blade?
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    Camera info for knife photography

    how about sir for shooting video, what are the things you must consider to shoot outdoor to get the good output to emphasize the product knife. im planning to shoot our knives but i have not enough materials to use for indoor shot so i my other option is to take outside
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    A knife!

    awesome knife! how long it takes to make this knife?
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    Another Sambar with Bronze

    cool! is this your first knife?
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    OPauls Knife Picture Thread

    awesome knife! i have question, what do you consider to make a quality knife?