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    Rubber platen?

    Wow that's a good idea! Thanks a lot Schreiber!
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    Small wheel question
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    Thanks for sharing! I know it's a controversial subject but a sharp drill bit for me is the one that manages to make a hole and period. if it is damaged I just buy another and try again. One thing I noticed recently is to use nuts to check the angle of the edging, as shown in the attached pic.
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    Work In Progress

    These are looking nice! Congrats! whould you mind showing detais on this plunge line control? Thanks
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    Work in Progress PICs

    That's It! Hope you guys enjoy! Big hug!
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    Work in Progress PICs

    My craft brand..maker mark..Norton Custom Blades.
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    Work in Progress PICs

    Some blood..rsrs
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    Work in Progress PICs

    Dear friends Here are some photos of my last project, a knife for kitchen and barbacue. Hope you guys like It.
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    Some Work in Progress and finished knives

    Kevin Its corrosion with nitric acid. If you guys are interested I can do a tutorial the next time I use this technique.
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    Twilight Zone design....Submitted for your approval.....

    I think it turns out really nice!
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    Some Work in Progress and finished knives

    Thanks Rick! Von Yes, made this way to better show de wood grain. This wood is called Ipê roxo (Handroanthus impetiginosus). I know this may not be the strongest attachment for the scales.
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    Some Work in Progress and finished knives

    This is a neck knife made from the same 5160 carbon steel.
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    Some Work in Progress and finished knives

    Hi all I'm Norton, knife making hobbyist from Brazil. I love this forum! It's full of great tips and great people! I'd like to share some photos of the last work in progress and finished knives. Thanks all knifedogs for the excellent knowledge platform of knifemaking! This is a kitchen knife...