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    (Price Drop) WTS Kissing Crane knife by Rob Klaas

    Used vintage and discontinued Kissing Crane knife by Rob Klaas Solingen Rostfrei Germany. Genuine stag handle, brass rivets, nickel silver bolster, original green leather sheath. Could stand some polishing and sharpening to restore. $50 $25 + $8 shipped anywhere in the US. I only accept US...
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    (Price Drop) WTS Couple Vintage and Discontinued Spyderco knives

    Vintage and discontinued Spyderco Spider card was bought new in June 2002 and is in excellent condition. Never used to cut anything, just sat in my collection. Aus-6 steel, made in Japan. Comes with original box. $200 $145 + $8 shipped anywhere in the US. I only accept US Postal Service Money...
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    "Both knives SOLD" WTS Benchmade Balisong and S&W switch blade

    First is a Benchmade #35-S custom finish Weehawk 1/2 serrated blade. These are well sought after balisongs and are now discontinued and hard to find. I bought this knife new in 1995 and it has set in my collection unused ever since. Comes with original box and nylon sheath. $200 + $8 shipped...
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    "Both knives SOLD" WTS SOG Daggert 1 and Rambo 3 bowie

    First up is a SOG Daggert 1 I bought new in 2005 and it has set in my collection unused since then. It's marked 2005 Special Edition. Comes with sheath, original box and booklet. $200 + $12 shipped anywhere in the US. I only accept US Postal Service Money Orders, I don't use paypal. Make sure...
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    "SOLD" WTS Beaumont Metal Works Horizontal Belt Grinder/Sander

    Like new condition Beaumont Metal Works EF-48 1 hp Variable Speed Horizontal Belt Grinder. This is a commercial type belt grinder but also perfect for the home shop. It uses 2" X 72" abrasive belts and can be used to grind, shape or sand hardened tool steel, stainless steel, mild steel...
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    For Sale - Tools Kydex molding press and oven, vintage leather stamps FTF in Manchester Tennessee

    I only accept cash for FTF sales and US Postal Service Money Orders for shipped items. If you have any questions send me a PM or email at Selling to raise funds for new tools so I'm not interested in any trades. Excellent condition 8"x24" kydex molding press for...
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    Hello from TN

    Thanks for the offer, I might have to take you up on that as well. I have no experience with a forge, that would be interesting.
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    Hello from TN

    I'm in Hillsboro, it's a small town 8 miles outside of Manchester. It's about 30 mins north of Chattanooga. I appreciate the offer Wayne and if I'm ever heading out your way I'll take you up on it. Thanks.
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    Hello from TN

    Hi guys. I'm actually not a new member, I registered back in 2010 but this is the first time I've posted. I'm 41 and live in southern middle TN. I had planned on getting into knife making 6 years ago when I joined here but as luck would have it, life got in the way. But now I'm ready to give it...