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    Lottery! - The winner is ren52157

    I'm in Thanks Les
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    Sub Hilt fund raiser WIP

    Bruce, very good to see a pic of Mike there. Tell him Jacob from Albertson's years ago said hi,and hope his family is doing well. Great looking pics there too.
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    Oct 17th opens Wa state. for duck and goose. I will be out both Sat. and Sun. I will have to post some pics of the duck carnage.
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    What happens when your hunting dog......

    This is my dog saying "blach!! That looks loike it tastes bad!"
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    What is your favorite collaboration knife?

    ZT and G&G Hawk as well
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    Monday, monday, monday!!! (pics on page 3)

    That is stunning. Now where can I get one!
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    Hunting pics

    Here are mine sorry no gun or knife in the pic. Used a Win. Super X2 and a Forschner Fibrox to cut em. Here is my Retrieval Unit (also known as my little black kid)
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    Blade West This Weekend

    It was nice to meet Burl Source at the show.
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    What are your favorite production folders?

    CRK Umnumzaan is my followed by benchmade
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    My humble Chris Reeve collection

    wow nice pics and great stuff there.
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    What is your favorite collaboration knife?

    Allen Elishewitz and benchmade. Even though his name is not on the blades anymore the 912\913, 906\907, 140 nimravus are still staples in the line-up. for past tense stuff the 690,730, and original 910\9100 stryker\auto strykers are some of the best around. Mike Snody and benchmade as...
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    MY CRK's

    No Umnumzaan yet!!! You gotta get one of those. It is my favorite production folder.
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    Kirby Lambert production folder

    Yeah to say the least I only owned one AO knife. I had a ZT 301 and traded it away promptly. I just won a knife that is AO but it should be easy to fix that. The BM nitrous AO is easy to take out. Just pull the little barrel that rests on the blade tang, then the AO becomes just a non moving...
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    What custom are you EDCing?

    I carry the Lamberts a lot.