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    A collection of miniature knives

    Those are amazing and very cool.
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    Gents Bowie

    Very nice Mike. You really nailed that handle shape.
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    Double action auto

    Very nice!
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    would you keep making

    If you don't want to make it and don't have to make it then I would not. Perhaps you could design a similar piece that would challenge you, yet satisfy your customer's appetite for that style knife.
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    Is your collection worth more this year than last?

    I agree100%, however we have to remember that the investment aspect is part of the pure enjoyment for some collectors.
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    Is your collection worth more this year than last?

    My Thoughts Regarding Custom Knives My knives for the most part have appreciated in value individually, however my total collection value has decreased a little as I have sold some high-end knives and the pieces I replaced them with have been less costly. I will most likely be adding more...
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    Finback - Engraved

    It really turned out nice. So much to like here.
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    Damascus and Mammoth

    Execution and materials top notch.
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    Radial Damascus With Koa

    Very nice Bruce.
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    Advice Please!

    Attend the ABS Great Smoky Mountain Hammer-in the first weekend in March @ Haywood College in the Asheville NC Area. I attended last year and it was a lot of fun and very educational. You will come in contact with many fine knifemakers there. You can find details here...
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    CKCA Cancer Benefit Knife Makes Cover

    We Have A Winner! Jonathan Piser's ticket #64 was drawn as the winner of the 2010 CKCA Cancer Research Knife this afternoon at the AG Russell Show this afternoon. Jonathan is a collector from Chicago. Congratulations Jonathan
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    CKCA Cancer Benefit Knife Makes Cover

    Cut-Off~Cancer Knife on-line Ticket Sales We have currently sold 145of 200 tickets and our contribution to the Lungevity Foundation for Lung Cancer Research is currently $15,676.53. We will need to cut off on-line tickets sales for this outstanding knife on Thursday night July 29th...
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    The Making of a Feather Pattern Bowie over at the CKCA

    I received the Bowie today and could not be more pleased. Fit/finish/execution all to the highest degree. Jere Davidson's engraving is as amazing under magnification as is to the naked eye. Bruce hit a home run with the ergonomics of this handle. The combination of the swell of the stag...
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    CKCA Cancer Benefit Knife Makes Cover

    Only about 3 weeks left! Just about 3 weeks left before the drawing (July 31). Our donation to the Lungevity Foundation is currently @ $14,610.23. Thanks so much to those of you who have helped. Right now, a single ticket purchaser has a one in 134 chance of winning this valuable...
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    The Newell .45 cal front loader

    Absolutely beautiful. Bruce is there anything you don't do amazingly well?