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    Trying Sanmai

    I have the same issue of no welder. I was thinking perhaps a guy could drill each end of the billet and rivet the billet together with mild steel rod as a means of holding it all together.
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    Frame Handle Question

    Thank you, I appreciate your help. The learning curve is steep on this build. I did a bit more research and now understand the process a bit better, and what parts are necessary for proper fit and function.
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    Frame Handle Question

    Hey guys, I am working on a frame handle knife and don't quite understand the means by which the scales are attached for a full takedown. It appears as though some guys oversize the holes in the frame and use some form of insert which is then threaded, or is pre-threaded for screws? Is there a...
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    Framehandle Takedown Question(s)

    I am working on a framehandle bowie and am getting ready to drill the frame for the screws which hold the scales on. It appears as though some guys drill an oversized hole and install some kind of tubing insert, which is then threaded, rather than threading the frame? My frame is unhardened...
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    Clip Point Hunter

    Thanks guys.
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    Clip Point Hunter

    Here is a Clip Point Hunter I finished up today and thought I'd post up for your perusal. 1084 high carbon steel Acid etched finish Bronze guard Spalted Maple scales Black G-10 liners 9 1/4 OAL with a 4 1/4 blade.
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    Ebony drop point hunter.

    That looks super. The file work on the tapered tang makes it stand out.
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    What are you going to make in 2016?

    One of my main goals is to forge the majority of my blades this year. thus far I have made good on that with 6 ready to HT, two of which are pre-sold. I have not yet made a Bowie, nor have I made a large Chopper, so that is on the list. I am very interested in pursuing San Mai but think I need...
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    KMG upgrades

    Thanks guys, I will proceed accordingly.
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    KMG upgrades

    Ed, if I remember correctly you had an entirely different platen that you designed yourself. Is there any advantage to using different sizes of contact wheel as you have done, other than allowing for different radius's on each wheel? I already have the small wheel attachment and a few wheels for...
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    KMG upgrades

    I am thinking about swapping out the upper 2" idler wheel on my platen with a 2" contact wheel in hopes for a bit smoother operation and ability to do a bit of grinding on that wheel. Is this a good idea?
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    Camp Knife

    Thank you for the kind words.
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    Camp Knife

    Here is my latest knife, and final project for 2015. Thanks for looking, comments welcome. I wish you all a very blessed and happy New Year! 1075 differentially hardened 6 1/4" blade 11 1/4" OAL Hamon Madrone Burl handle Burgandy Micarta spacer Copper guard
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    4 Fillet Knives

    Very nice!
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    Elk Antler Fixed Blade

    Thank you Anthony, believe me it's a love/hate relationship; mostly hate towards the end though, lol. I'm sure everyone has their secrets, but for me the only way I can do it is to finish each component separately (handle, guard, blade) and then assemble. I try not to do anything but wax and...