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    Saddlehorn slipjoint

    Beauty Craig, nice to see something new from you, it's been way to long!
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    Post pics here for critique - must have thick skin

    Here's another to be viewed. Oeser Norfolk and nail nick opener, again iPhone 6 photo.
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    Post pics here for critique - must have thick skin

    I'll give this a "shot"! Keith Johnson Remington Bullet 1303 replica and Bulleit Bourbon. Simple iPhone 6 image.
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    Stockman with stag

    Super clean as usual Craig, now get back to work on my DE Cattle knife! LOL... Jeff
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    A pair with stag

    More of Craig's beautiful knife artwork, from my collection. Jeff
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    A pair with stag

    Two more beauties, your work is simply superior! Jeff
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    Double blade Sway back

    As usual Paul very nicely done, superb grinds and very tight spine, wonderful!
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    Teardrop Jack

    This is a real beauty, the scales really look like ivory. Jeff
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    Jigged bone Trapper

    Very nice clean work Paul. Jeff
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    Lock back whittler

    I have to tell you Craig, you are in the Master Grade class, this is SPECTACULAR! Jeff
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    Humpback Stockman

    Craig just keeps getting better, beautiful! Jeff
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    Cramer Stag 4 1/2" Backpocket

    Very nice Brent, I particularly like the stag, Excellent!
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    Teardrop Jack

    Paul, You certainly are correct about the world calming down, we need to realize that this is small planet and that killing each other is not the answer. The useful aspect of hobbies is that they are a diversion from the day to day drudgery that we all encounter, each one of us has our own...
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    Small gents knife

    Wonderful combination Craig, you keep raising the bar! Jeff
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    Pearl and gold

    Because of the poor weather the PO didn't deliver today, got mail but no package. I hope tomorrow but it's supposed to go into the deep freeze here tonight. I have to say Craig, this is your best effort yet! The combination of pearl and rose gold is truly SUPERI'll have an extra eye out tomorrow...