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    New for 2012 1/4" CPM D2 - Red G10 w/ Carbon Fiber

    New 2012 Brous Blades Custom JB-114 Rare (One-of-a-kind) 8" Overall Length 4" Cutting Edge 1/4" Thick Crucible CPM D2 Double Ground Handrubbed Satin Finish 60 Rockwell Hardness Red G10 w/ Carbon Fiber Inlay 100% USA Made
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    Complete step-by step knife and sheath...

    best post ever.
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    CA Custom Knife Show Preview

    Getting ready for the show this weekend, we have some customs as well as some new production blades. The first 2 photos are our 2nd production knife called "The Triple Threat" available soon.
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    "The Coroner" New Spearpoint Fixed Blade with Aggressive Saw Teeth

    Whats up guys, its been a while since Ive posted but I just wanted to show some photos of my latest fixed blade called "The Coroner". Its made from 1/4" CPM 154 steel with Custom black G10 handles. Overall length is 12" with an 8" blade. Let me know what you guys think.
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    Blade Show Preview - Brous Blades

    What's up guys, I wanted to share some knives Ive been heavily working on for the past 6-8 months. A few of these will be available at Lynn Olson's table @ 14B & C. I personally will be at the SOG booth chillin with Gunny :), If your attending come by and see a few new collaboration prototypes...
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    The New Silent Soldier Neck Knife! - First Brous Blades Production Model

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The time is here!, I have been patiently waiting to release the first Brous Blades Production knife! We are VERY excited to get this product in your hands for your new every day carry blade. I personally have been using the new Silent Soldier prototype everyday for the past...
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    Custom Pry Knife for a Local Police Officer (WIP)

    Thanks, Pry Knife Model is now available @ ! First knife under the "Knives" sections. They are available in 3/8" 1095 Carbon Steel
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    Custom Pry Knife for a Local Police Officer (WIP)

    Hey Guys, Finally finished it up. Heres a few more pictures...
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    Custom Pry Knife for a Local Police Officer (WIP)

    What's up guys, wanted to show off my latest piece. I got an order from a local police officer to make him a custom pry knife, its about 7 1/2" long, 3/8" thick made of CPM M4. This is a "work in progress" photo, still needs heat treatment and some fine tuning. Also features a glass breaker on...
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    New Silent Soldier (As Seen in Blade Mag)

    Some people requested a closer look at the sheath for the Silent Soldier, Here is a youtube video showing how secure the knife is while in the sheath.
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    New Silent Soldier (As Seen in Blade Mag)

    I would like to formally introduce the new "Silent Soldier." A new custom neck knife designed by Jason Brous, this model was featured in the January 2011 Blade Magazine. This is the first production model available from Brous Blades. This Silent Soldier is designed for covert personal carry...
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    Small Custom Neck Knives w/ Paracord Wrap

    Hey Guys, Just finished 4 small neck knives, Each one is a custom piece made from 3/16 thick CPM 154. There 3 inches overall length with a 1 inch blade. Theres 3 different holding options, an outside grip, and index finger through the hole grip, or the pinky finger through the hole for a reverse...
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    8 Brand New Custom Designs, All Prototypes!

    Most hand ground, some of the more strange grinds were done on a manual mill.