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    New 1095 chefs knife

    I clay coated with satanite, and let it cure overnight- Then I heat treated like normal, and quenched in Parks #50. Lots of hand sanding went into this, too- I'm still not sure of how to get the best "pop" out of a hamon line... I must have had it looking really nice, then buffed it out, etched...
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    New 1095 chefs knife

    I started this knife a while back, and I left it on the bench for most of the winter because I didn't think that many people liked high carbon knives for the kitchen. I remembered what a lot of you guys told me, "just finish it." So I did- I also found that there is a decent amount of people who...
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    Giveaway! Bali Kit -- 2 Balisong Kits giveaway

    Thanks for all you do for the KD community, Boss!
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    Dont drop your freshly queched 1095 blade!!

    I love surprise learning threads like this- You never know when you're gonna get some wisdoms around here!
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    Giveaway! Bali Kit -- 2 Balisong Kits giveaway

    Man, I wanna get my hands on one of these kits!
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    Giveaway! Bali Kit -- 2 Balisong Kits giveaway

    Thursday is my lucky day!!! If my last bali (made from scratch) hadn't been such a joke, I'd post photos!
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    First practice knife

    I've not had any lesson in patience and humility resound more thoroughly and completely than spending HOURS working carefully and deliberately- only to ruin a piece in like 30 seconds. It blew my mind. But everyone here has done it. Someone here told me something really great- instead of...
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    RHINO FINGER SKINS, Version ll

    Just ordered mine! My thumbs, and the consistency of my grinds will thank you in advance! -Cris
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    For Sale - Tools Serrated Sharpening Kit - serrated sharpening made easy

    Looks great! I am looking for a way to grind new serrations into my plain edged blades more efficiently. I see by your photos that you have done this- will this kit allow me to grind new serrations into a fair amount of blades before having to repurchase? (or would the kit be quickly ruined)...
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    Shibumi Apex

    Looking good, Mike! Your designs are so refreshingly unique.
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    The knife making book I started with over 16 years ago.

    Thanks, I'll definitely check it out!
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    One Step Forward, Three Steps Back...

    From another new guy- I know exactly how you feel. I remember the first time it happened to me. I felt super discouraged because I REALLY want to be a good knife maker... I was terrified that I have spent a LOT of time and money on something that I'm going to suck at. The next day I went out...
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    First attempts WIP

    Thanks so much, guys- You're all awesome. And I'm finding out that it's true (at least for me so far) that you're right Laurence- Flat grinding is harder- and the larger the blade, the more so. Can anyone help me with the hardness testing stuff? how *exactly* should I be trying to "skate a...
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    First attempts WIP

    So I took some advice and I put the S35vn ones on the shelf and got some 3/16 1095. I re-did the designs that I had, and took a bit more time on them. I drilled the handles out before I heat treated them, and one warped like crazy, and one turned out fine. I don't know how to test hardness-...
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    2013 Knife Making Progress

    I have that same grinder, and it's AWESOME. I wish that mine was still nice and clean like that. It was my first grinder that wasn't from Harbor Freight, but honestly I cant imagine grinding without variable speed.