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    Latest Puukko sheath

    looks great
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    Passing Of a fellow Knife Maker..RIP Lee lbcustomsknives

    we have lost a lot of knife people lately A.G. Russell, Wayne Goddard. Jim Merritt and now Lee Bennett. I only knew of lee frome a couple knives i have seen and his videos. but he did seem like one of us. we should take note on how he passed and remember that there are things in our shops that...
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    Old U.S.N Mark 2 knife

    it looks great.
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    Old U.S.N Mark 2 knife

    thanks every one. i have been a knife nerd all my life so i have tons of usually useless facts burned in my head.
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    1084 With Hamon Completed

    very nice, i like that you did a wide one. the whole knife really came together well. good work
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    So I need a camera!!

    yes, i was a land surveyor for 35 years and i have no time for bad optics. zeiss is the king but nikkor is not bad. and i had a hard time coming around to digital cameras. but they are good enough for what i need.
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    So I need a camera!!

    very good video, and some real good ideas i will have to try a few of them.
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    Old U.S.N Mark 2 knife

    i have a 225Q that a member of the 82 airborne carried on d-day. he didn't like the other knives. the Q on the 225 stands for quartermaster. that is the troops it was designed for. it is the original sharpened crowbar. but all services used it is a great knife. justin great job on the MK2
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    So I need a camera!!

    i like cannons and they sell factory refurbished cameras at very good prices and they are fully guaranteed. i would guess that most other brands have the same thing.
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    Neck Knives....

    very nice.
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    New guy from Cornwall.....

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    been away

    thanks every one. no projects yet. the doc. has to release me in a couple weeks. i have new knees, hips, and can breath so i am starting the new year rebuilt.LOL
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    Two For Christmas

    they look great.