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    Little tactical bugger - RWL and green canvas

    checkered looks good Very nice, always trying something new2thumbs
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    Damascus Liner lock

    Roper cutout Interesting request, don't see a cut-out instead of a thumb stud very often. My EDC is a favorite weekend carry, it's light and sharp!
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    Damascus Liner lock

    dillo scales Nice knife Billy, like the damascus pattern & armadillo scales (stabilized). What was the inspiration for the cutout at the top of spine?
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    El Diablo's Toothpick + new logo

    Wicked Like the way you kept the flats forged, sets off the sleek blade and handle well.2thumbs
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    BIG knife

    Wow Wow sweeet, that looks like you could take on a sabertooth! What is the blade length?
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    EDCs: Fixed Blades vs. Folders

    Daily EDC Used to be my dad's Old Timer 3" slipjoint but now its this:
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    Hatchet A-2 / Green Canvas

    Enhancing the beauty Photo gives much needed scale, just think of it as enhancing the beauty of your hawks! Very nice etch job by the way, is that muratic acid baths?
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    Muratic acid bath I wish they would have taught high school chemistry that way, I made have passed!
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    Ever Day Carry For Sale

    Happy Camper I purchased this EDC in a cocobolo handle and have used it daily for a week and love it. Billy was great to work with, very fast in shipping here to So.Fl I posted pics in the main knife forum so I don't want to be redundent here with same pics. happy camper, donmecca
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    New EDC pics

    I'm posting my pics of the EDC I purchased from Billy Helton. For me the size is just right to carry in my dad (cargo) shorts+ , quality is top notch, especially the cocobollo handle and Billy is a pleasure to do business with.2thumbs
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    Red Bone Stag Damaascus Hunter

    Stag beauty Very nice Billy, you forged the damascus in your shop correct?
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    Gold Emerson skull giveaway...

    Shull candy I'm in and thanks:D
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    Hey Mike, I was just looking through the forum and saw you were on-line moding. I spend my free...

    Hey Mike, I was just looking through the forum and saw you were on-line moding. I spend my free time looking on-line for job opportunities but take a breal every now and then to look at knives.
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    Pics of your pups!

    Two of the three Me with two of my worthless hounds..
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    KnifeDogs advertisement in Knives Illustrated

    Magazine ad The magazine ad is the reason I joined, if I had not seen it I would have never found this forum... I've been a member for the Nissan Titan tuck and Watch-u-seek forums over the years and really enjoy the member's shared passion and experience.2thumbs