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    Zombie Hunter version 2!

    Hey I don't post much here but I wanted to share this- A good customer wanted a slightly different version of the Zombie Hunter. By slightly different I mean same steel and heat treat (differentially heat treated 52100 at .200 thick) but with a longer handle and shape and more of the BEEK style...
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    RRChopper V1- Mine!

    This one is 13+" of blade, almost 24" overall. 1/4" 5160 that weighs in at 2# 8oz or so. Very light in the hand for such a big blade. This one would be mine, except that I have to pay for a flight to vegas at the end of the summer and I will have to put it up for sale soon. :sad...
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    RRChopper V1- Mine!

    Well, I finally got around to finishing up my chopper. A couple of notes- This one is in .250 5160 differentially heat treated. My first scotchbrite belt finish since this is meant to take some abuse! Horse stall mat handles and has a kydex sheath (I messed up with the sheath and it scratches...
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    Persian with Mustard

    This is my Persian blade. #2 of the year (2010). Specs- 1/8 thick 52100, differentially treated in salt pot. Overall 10.75" Blade is 5 5/8" in a straight line from tip to choil. WSSI stabilized spalted maple burl with SS loveless bolts and tubing. Sheath by Maker, wet formed/hardened, dyed...
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    Frazee "The Curve"

    Daniel Frazee here (Crazy Frazee Forge). I just finished this one up. I have been trying to do better this year with getting projects actually completed instead of just starting a whole bunch and lasting forever. This is a new model I am calling the Curve (unless someone suggests something...
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    Katana WIP

    pics Need more pics of the sword! Glad to hear the camp spear is going strong. (both of them!) I still have the template on the wall. Dan
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    Katana WIP

    Hey Just figured out that I sent you a knife from a KITH over on another forum. How is it doing? dan (spear point s30V fighter with micarta handles)
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    Katana WIP

    Nice Good to know. I am making something resembling a Dao that is from 1/4 5160. I will try to take pics this weekend. I have so much other stuff to do though that it is crazy right now. So far it looks good, but I have not heat treated yet and I probably am going to have to find someone...
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    Katana WIP

    thickness How thick is that at the spine? Dan
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    First "real sword?"

    Check em Just check the end of it first. Forge it out thin, get to non magnetic, quench it in water and then try to break it in the vice. If it breaks- it hardened. Then proceed as usual. It ain't that pretty but is was fun. Next up is a much bigger dao looking sword. Dan
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    New Respirator.....I'm thinking this is the one!

    Sweet I just got a lot of these from ebay. Doesn't come with the filters but I can get those at home depot. I have some in all sizes coming and will sell the rest here to help defray costs. Dan
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    I Have a 40+ lbs Box of G-11 to Give Away, interested?

    I am in! I am in for a chance if not too late. Dan
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    First "real sword?"

    When you see a pic hunk of metal you just have to think- I could make a sword out of that! Take one good american made farrier's rasp, grind most of the teeth off of the rasp side, forge a little, grind a little, wait, wait, mess around in the shop, wait........... 3 years after starting- get...
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    Looking for AR parts

    I am building up two different AR's. I have the receivers, now I need everything else! I am more than open to trading for goodies. Dan
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    Monday Night Madness Give-Away

    I am in! 323 for me. Dan