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    Hatchet frame handled bowie:)

    hey Bruce! remember that old hatchet I picked up in Walla Walla? Well, I chopped it, split it and turned it into a nice pattern for that big damascus bowie:) I likes it! dana
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    Anyone going to the Southern Alberta hammer-in this weekend?

    Hey gang! It's been forever since I last posted or replied! We're in the midst of finishing a shop in North Idaho, as well as making plans for our daughter's wedding and readying our house in Colorado for the market in the Spring. We, as always, thoroughly enjoyed Jim's awesome hammer-in. Jim...
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    A couple more kitchen cutters!

    I love them both but that first knife is absolutely stunning. I love those custom pins too! Dana
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    9.5" Stag and stainless damascus K Tip Chef knives

    Hi Randy, Just paid a visit to the kitchen cutlery area and am impressed with all those that posted. Your stuff is exceptional. I've got a few chef knives of cpm154 under my belt but they are not as sweet as yours! Great work, friend! Dana
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    Stag Bowie With S-Guard & Hamon

    Beautiful work, Burton! Dana
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    Dave Lisch amber stag feather fighter

    Sweet, John! I wonder if that's the same knife Dave showed Bruce and I when we dropped by his shop last month? Dana
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    shop photos

    Very nice, indeed. You have it populated with some nice equipment too, Meno. Have fun! Dana
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    Members in BLADE

    Thanks buddy Bruce and thanks Calvin! I am honored and grateful for all the help of our other knifemaker friends. Just hope I can return the favor by helping others. Kind regards, Dana
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    Members in BLADE

    Hey Randy! Thanks, so much, for the compliment. That means a lot coming from such a fine maker as yourself. I agree with you. This knifemakers community is the most amazing bunch of great people. Everyone is so free with their help and trade "secrets". You won't find this is any other forum or...
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    Members in BLADE

    Hey John! Thanks for the congrats! Take care, Dana
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    Members in BLADE

    Hey Steve! Thanks for the post! I got mine just a couple of days ago was pretty tickled to see my mug in the featured makers list. I felt somewhat out-classed with Fisk, Burke and the others. Randy sure makes a really fine chef's knife! Thanks, again, Steve, from the VP of Bump...
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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    WOW, Bruce!!! That wood is even more awesome with that new Brownells stuff. It looks like it's all coming together beautifully. How much longer before you are ready to send it off to the engraver? Dana
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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Hey Bruce! That is great that your son could attend and also do the carving. You guys have so much talent! I did not say I could pronounce the names (accept Attor :)). I was going to leave that up to you. Attor the horsemans hatchet/axe does sound cool. Hope all is well with you and...
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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Hey Bruce! I did some more searching for dragon names and found the following. I kind of like Attor and Glaurung. ATTOR: Old English word meaning "gall; poison; venom." Variant: Ator. APOPHIS (Άποφις): Greek form of Egyptian Apep, possibly meaning "to slither." In mythology, Apep is the...
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    The Official "Show us your shop dog" thread

    Hey guys! I had posted this on Ed Caffrey's forum last week but figured this would be a good time to post a pic of my shop assistant :). Dana