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    unusal request (designs related)

    I agree with Ed for sure! There is ALWAYS going to be SOMETHING you would change on the knife after it's complete. :lol: I'm not sure what all is available to you over there, but here I've found that rigid foam material that is cheap is a GREAT way to model up a handle or scales for a knife...
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    new handle material (kirinite) by eagle grips

    I think I want some! Does it seem pretty durable? Also, any info on whether or not the darned health inspectors would approve it in commercial kitchens? Yeah, some municipalities only allow poly or SS type handles on the knives...
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    #1 son designed ALL portions of the knife and base, then asked me to make it

    My oldest son drew up this "zombie killer" looking knife and asked if I could make it for him. Prior to making the knife or the handle I had him create it out of some PVC foam that I keep around for easy design work. The blade has some grinder marks in it, and the handle isn't as symmetrical...
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    Depends on the void. CA glue and sanding dust work well for the smaller voids.
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    neat trick/ disk sander

    I'd say it's dangerous for the reasons mentioned thus far; drill bit is brittle and can snap with sanding, the distance from the chuck to the disk is to long, and could make the bit more prone to snapping. Also the bit is fluted and the disk could slip to the pont that it not longer is tight on...
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    Purple and blue G-10

    Thanks for the replies and ideas folks. I should have clarified that I need purple G-10 as well as blue G-10, not the combination of both... I think I may have found it, will let you know if I have. Charlie
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    Purple and blue G-10

    Where can I find it? I've looked at quite a few places and can't find what I need... Suggestions? Charlie
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    #3 Knife

    Me thinks the Padre is rocking! Great looking work sir for #3, I can only imagine (yes I said that, pun intended) what 4, 5, and 6 will look like! Charlie
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    Another Feather Hunter

    You've done it again sir! But, every time I see one of these I ask myself; "How the heck does he do that?!?!?" Love it! Charlie
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    Dundee Bowie II

    "HOLY COW", is what I just heard over my shoulder, and my wife is seldom impressed with a knife anymore! I'll have to agree, that is a nice piece of work! Charlie
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    WIP pics of a skinner I'm making for a guy

    Thanks guys! I was told this afternoon to NOT sharpen it... :what!: He wants the flat edge left on it since he is going to display it on his coffee table and is afraid the grandkids might cut themselves... So, this is getting easier with each e-mail! :biggrin: This is the 3rd knife he...
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    WIP pics of a skinner I'm making for a guy

    I'm making a skinner for a fellow that was generous enough to pay for my work, and last night he requested pics to show his coworkers. This knife IS NOT finished, but I thought I might as well show them here since I posted to his e-mail... Steel: 1084 OAL: 8.25" Handle material: ND Black...
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    Hand sanding T-304 stainless steel?

    If you had the paper backing of the sandpaper laying on a flat surface such as a granite plate or the like so you could flat sand something like bolsters, etc... Charlie
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    Hand sanding T-304 stainless steel?

    Put the water, oil, windex, WD-40, etc. straight on the blade and then start sanding. If your paper is on a flat surface with the grit pointing up you can then apply directly to the paper. Doesn't have to be a lot. Charlie
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    2nd Knife WIP

    Looks great! You're moving along quickly for sure. Watch out for metal shards with the bare feet though! :what!: :lol: Charlie