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    Hello from Texas/St. Kitts

    I've been at it for about four years and have also give or traded my knives away. a lot of them went to family for kids finishing school or getting married. The girls have ask for knives since all of them are deer hunters. They also like the small keck knives I make. They carry them in their...
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    New Member from central Texas

    Enjoyed your write up, brought back memories of my grand father and my 1st.fixed blade, a case. istill have it and many more belonging to my family. I am one of these people who has kept everything I ever treasured. I have passed over thirty to my son and grand son who is 13. I also made him a...
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    Hello from Houston

    Knives look very good. My knives are good working knives but I do not spend the time I should polishing and sanding. Most of the people I give or trade them to would screw them up fast anyway. Ranchers, hunters, and good old boys. Some will be used for pry bars and screw drivers, etc. A few have...
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    Hello from El Paso, TX

    I know about the health problems. Hang in there. I finely made '80 and enjoy every hour I can spend making knives. Knives kept me going after I could no longer take care of my cattle and do the fishing guide thing. I've only made knives about four years and my quality shows it. My knives are...
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    Dogbone Bowie by Mike Quesenberry MS

    Beautiful work. Thanks for posting.
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    Rogue Kwaiken-Liontribe Designs

    Very good.
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    “Trinity” by Jean-Louis Regel MS & more...

    Thanks for posting this special piece of art.
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    Satin, DIW Skinner

    Excellent work. Thanks
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    Integral Subhilt by Mike Quesenberry MS

    Excellent work. Thanks for posting
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    Olive tree Bowie

    Excellent. THANKS
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    Damascus skinner.

    Beautiful work.
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    Scottish/Norwegian Dirk by Jason Kraus

    I agree with all the above, I hope she is one proud wife.
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    Modified Sweeper

    looks great.