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    Redwood Burl Belt Knife...

    That is simply perfect. Wow
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    Hello from Houston

    Thanks, I agree
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    Hello from Texas/St. Kitts

    Welcome from Houston
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    Checked stabilized burl repairrr

    The one thing I've noticed when mixing dyes or colors to your epoxy or glue, is to use a very small amount. it doesn't take much. If you use too much color, you essentially "dilute" the effectiveness of the epoxy or glue. I take a toothpick and just dip it in my color and use the toothpick to...
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    Checked stabilized burl repairrr

    I've always sanded on a clean surface and saved the dust. I put them in little jello shot containers, and label them. Mix the dust with TA glue and fill them in. They sand invisible.
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    Chef Knife #2

    That came out great. That blade is shaped to do work, and the handle is shaped nicely for the hand. Good job.
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    2 Pieces of Advice.....

    Anyone use a drum sander to flatten handle material? I've been toying with the idea of buying one specifically for handle material
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    Few of my creations

    I'll try and post a few more when I get a chance. Thanks all for the nice words. I've only been making knives for about 4 years I think? Enjoying it so far.
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    Is yer shop a mess...?

    I must be the minority. Everything I use has a place, and everything I use goes back to that place when I'm not using it. I have a few items that stay on the bench at all times, but 95% of items and materials get put away every day.
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    Few of my creations

    This is the first time I've made this shape. The design was supposed to be a daily carry style, slim and smaller than what I normally make. I actually like the way it fits in the hand. Birds eye Maple handle, 440c
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    Few of my creations

    These are two small skinner style knives, they started as a neck design, but I love how they sit in the hand. Spalted Sycamore and Spalted Pecan. Two of my favorite handles
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    Few of my creations

    Paring knife with Olive wood handles.
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    Few of my creations

    I call this the Sticker. Kind of a slim skinner style. Fits in the hand perfectly.
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    Few of my creations

    Next, custom recurve that I named the Gibson, since the first one went to a buddy and he loved it. 440c and dyed stabilized handle. Filework along spine in vine pattern.
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    Few of my creations

    ok I'm going to try and post a few of the knives that I've completed, but I keep having issues posting pics. So here goes This knife is my camp style, 440c with spalted tamarind handle.