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    What's your production EDC today?

    A spyderco tenacious
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    What is a good all around oil to use on knives?

    I like froglube but I heat up my blade first with a dryer then lubricate with froglube I heard that it's foodsafe also
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    Ka Bar Becker Bk7, 10 and 22

    Hi I'm new to the forum and saw your post.I own the becker bk7 and the bk22 I think your son would be pretty good with either the becker bk10 or the bk7 both are 3/16 of an inch thick which is good made of 1095 steel which is easily sharpened in the field but you have to keep them oiled to...
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    Becker bk22

    I realize the bk2 has been around a long time but I just purchased a bk22 and was wondering if there was a better angle to put on it for it to cut better, I understand the factory edge is 20 degrees but I would like it to cut better any suggestions would help???