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    Couple new balisongs.

    Beautiful knives you have there!!
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    2,000 post Giveaway!

    I'm in.....
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    WIP for G2 in Las Vegas

    Wow.......very nice!!! Can you make a balisong with a clip for EDC?
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    WIP for G2 in Las Vegas

    Looking good! Keep us updated......
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    LS Tanto's (Lum style)

    IMHO.........the price of these customs is more than fair.
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    Bali in progress

    Post some more pics when they are far these are nice!!
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    Microtech Tachyon, Basilisk FS

    seconds on the Tachyon
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    Did someone say Bali-Kit?

    Nice! What type of blades you will be offering?
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    Taipan Balisong G-10 Proto mockup

    Both styles are nice........but I would prefer the spearpoint.
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    Hello from Central America

    Hello everyone I heard a lot of good thing about this forums and decided to join. I live in Panama where the climate is warm and tropical. I started collecting custom balisongs since the 80s and enjoy backpacking.