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Thread: BLack Jack Classic Model #1-7 Subhilt

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    BLack Jack Classic Model #1-7 Subhilt

    I haven't really paid attention to these lately. I picked up a model 1-7 with a stag hilt a couple of years ago only becuase it was there and at an unreasonably cheap price. I never liked it and had the opportunity to trade it for a Model 1-7 Subhilt with black micarta a few months ago.

    I wanted the Black Jack model for the same reason many other guys bought them. It's Randall style with lower pricing and much better availability. Now that I have a Randall (my loving wife got it for me for our anniversary), I no longer have much interest in the Black Jack and I'm considering putting it up for sale. In doing a search on several websites that offer them, I was floored to see the price that was being asked for the old "Classic" models made in Effingham, Il. Are these things really selling for $500?

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