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Thread: Forged in Fire Season 4

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    Just finished watching, great job. The trail mix was priceless.

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    Do you get to keep the Katzbalger? I've always wondered if the contestants get to keep the blades they make

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormcrow View Post
    Thanks, guys!



    Lol! My choice would've been Vienna sausage, but I understand the hunger... and the sexiness quite frankly just saying lol

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    I just watched the episode. Great work, James! If Doug had 10 more pounds in his butt your sword would've cut that pig in two!

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    Thank you! Tlandini, I answer your question in the video below.

    This is the last of my FiF stuff. It's dominated my week, but now I need to get back to working on Blade Show inventory.

    A washed-out look at the push knives I did for the first challenge. They can actually be seen better in the reflections.

    The katzbalger in its hideous glory:

    My second take on the guard. Didn't like how the first one fit, so abandoned it before I finished out the quillions.

    And my second take on the handle since I ground through the side into the channel for the tang on the last day. So many things had to be done several times on this that I named it "der doppleschwert". The pommel was forged from a piece of pipe with the end cap oxy/acetylene welded on. The TeroTuf of the handle fits down into the pommel and the flared tube rivet goes through pommel, TeroTuf, and tang.

    And finally, a YouTube video featuring myself and fellow FiF champion Tobin Nieto (season 2, episode 8, Cutlass) reflecting on the show, our experiences with it, and answering common questions and criticisms. It's as long as an episode of FiF, but I think it's both entertaining and informative.

    James Helm - Proud to be a Neo-Tribal Metalsmith scavenging the wreckage of civilization!

    Helm Enterprises, Forging Division - www.helmforge.com

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    A collaboration with Wasteland Leatherwork: The Wasteland Crow Project

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