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Thread: Setting your grinder to the proper height...FOR YOU- a short video

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    Sep 2014
    Roseburg Oregon
    I see another newb error I am commiting. Grinders to tall an I am reaching out a bit.
    I felt all confident and puffed up cause I had managed to get it figured out to sway not totate because near the end of the rotation you lift about an inch or so. Bye bye tip.
    Now to go reset the bench and grinder height. 😲
    As for the timing or oh craps on a blade it is when I resort to the honey dos, or my other projects due to owning a home. Lol
    Some days though a lil cordite therapy is in order to get rid of Mr Murphy. If my 6 yo has any say its may become fishing too. She is ready to start catching trout. Lol

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    Walt 😆

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    Apr 2014
    Missoula, MT
    Thanks Ed. This video explains some issues I've had in the past. Since I'm setting up a new shop, I can now build my benches to the correct height.

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    A timely issue for me as I am a new knife maker setting up my shop. I set all my benches too low on purpose so I could adjust the height of my tools as needed. I can try different heights by unbolting and adding material under the tool or removing it as my body tells me. Well done.

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