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Thread: Feather pattern going to the Badger Knife Show

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    Feather pattern going to the Badger Knife Show

    Feather pattern going to the badger knife showIMG_1088.jpgIMG_1087.jpgIMG_1089.jpg

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    Sep 2009
    Great Falls, Montana, USA
    Great steel Doug!


    "Nobody cares what you know.....until they know you care."
    Visit me at Table 2Q at the Blade Show!

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    Fantastic steel DOUG, your a maniac! ������������

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    Feb 2016
    Alpine NY
    Very nice looking steel!

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    Sep 2016
    North carolina
    Would you be interested in sale befor the knife show, or would you be willing to make some to sale want to get some Damascus to make a knife or two. Feather pattern is my favorite and you did a good job. Rite now making some is out of the ? For me don't have the press but when my hand heels up, I cut 3 finger tips off last month. I am gonna give it a shot at making it by hand. If you are interested in sale any Damascus let me know thanks greate work
    Scott (leeco) thomas

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    Scott I'll have to get with You after the show. The steel is O-1 52100 L-6 and Nickel dougponzio.com

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    Jawbone at Ozark Edge

    Integrity is keeping a commitment even after circumstances have changed.

    David Jeremiah

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    Wow very impressive!

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