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Thread: Quesenberry & Charlestein: Main Gauche

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    Quesenberry & Charlestein: Main Gauche

    Main Gauche by Mike Quesenberry MS
    All silver work by Saign Charlestein

    Best of Show at Blade Show 2016

    300 layer ladder pattern w/ triple fullers.
    Damascus & gold spacers.
    Curly Ebony handle w/ 66 hand formed 18k gold pins.
    Sterling silver guard & sail all hand chased by Saign Charlestein.
    18k ribbon inlay on guard as well as the ends in the shape of a cross.
    Blade: 13 1/8"
    OAL: 19 1/4"

    Wood core wrapped w/ leather & tip & throat in sterling silver w/ 18k gold ribbons.

    Instagram: @quesenberryknives
    website: quesenberryknives.com

    click image for Ultra Hi-Res zoom

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    Oct 2009
    Maple Lake MN
    That is totally awesome! If you kept track, how many man hours did this take to design, build and assemble ? Dan

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    I'm speechless. What an incredible piece of work. At what point did you ask yourself if you were nuts for taking on such a project? LOL

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