This was a tuff one to do due to the client.He had all these crazy ideas and the blade he first sent me a sketch of was so not geometrically correct.It was short wide and thick and looked like a garden spade with a clip point added.Well after I talked him into the blade changes he must have sent me 50 pics of coffin handles.He finally sent me one and said this is perfect,after I did the handle he complained that that's not exactly what I wanted and I sent him back the 5 emails with the picture that he sent me telling me how much he loved this handle .He then said oh Ya I guess that is the shape I wanted,After the knife was completed he begged me to do a brass strap around the back and add the large brass tacks.I counter drilled my fastners and epoxyed the tacks in and it was no easy task getting the strap on but it did turn out and the client was ecstatic.The knife is 12 inches overall with a 7 1/4 inch blade of O1,the handle is Arizona dessert iron wood .Thanks for looking Paul.IMAG1469_kindlephoto-159784285.jpgIMAG1470_kindlephoto-160150095.jpgIMAG1472_kindlephoto-159940535.jpgIMAG1473_kindlephoto-160293485.jpg