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Thread: Ostap Hel Knives - "Alpha" Prototypes

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    Apr 2013

    Ostap Hel Knives - "Alpha" Prototypes

    I would like to present you first full sized fixed knives in my knifemaking career - model "Alpha".

    I've designed simple and slim blades to try out my new CNC Router. It was all new to me and on almost each manufacturing step I've sacrifaced one knife to discover and upgrade making process - there was 6 of them first and in the end there are only 2 pieces left...

    But I've learned many things doing them and I hope my every next knife would be better.

    Prototypes are made from M390 steel (~60 HRC) and handles from black G10 (3D textured).

    Knives are available with duplex and classic grind shapes.

    Also I've decided to use custom hardware, so stainless steel screws are also designed, turned and milled by me.

    - M390 steel blades (60 HRC)
    - Blade finish: soft stonewash
    - Black G10 Handle (3D textured)
    - 222 mm / 8,75" overall length
    - 95 mm /3,75" blade length
    - 3,5 mm /0,138" blade thickness
    - custom SS screws + brass pivots.

    What do you think?

    Ostap Hel - Custom Knives & Designs:



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    May 2010
    Brownsville, Texas
    "What do you think?"

    I think that is very nice work, Ostap. As always.

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    Nice lines, clean knife. Dan

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    Feb 2015
    United States of America
    I like the duplex grind, it gives the knife a modern look which complements the lines and simplistic taste. Definitely some cool pieces!

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