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Thread: What screws are these?

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    What screws are these?

    Sorry if I missed the forum for posts like this, but I'm trying to get replacement screws for the "Mtech USA
    Ballistic MT-A705 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife, 4.5-Inch Closed". I have no idea how to identify or purchase these screws.

    I bought it on Amazon but can't post links, so if you need more information just look for it there.


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    Have you tried calling Mtech USA?

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    You MIGHT find their equivalents at a hardware store with a good fastener inventory. They look to be Torx button heads. If you have a thread pitch gauge, a set of calipers, and set of torx bits, you can figure it out pretty easily. Maybe 4-40 size if I had to guess?
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    I can't really help you with the specific screws for that knife, other than to say that calling Mtech as John suggested could be a good way to go.

    I can say that a really good hardware store or fastener specific store might be able to help you, I've found that most of the screws on my pocket knives are either 0-80 or 1-72 size. I'd call some local hardwares and see if they stock really small screws.

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