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Thread: New Stock and Price Reductions

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    May 2013
    New York

    New Stock and Price Reductions

    I've added a number of new block to my site (www.dreamburls.com) as follows:

    4 blocks of Canxan Negro priced at $15. I also lowered the price of the existing Canxan Negro blocks to $15 from $20.

    4 blocks of Stabilized Rainbow Poplar all priced at $20.

    4 blocks of Stabilized Pommele Sapele all priced at $20.

    2 blocks of Stabilized Madrone Burl, both priced at $25. (sold)

    I've also lowered the prices on my Stabilized Spalted Bradford Pear by $5 a piece.
    Please visit my store at www.dreamburls.com Imagine the possibilities!
    Email me at service@dreamburls.com
    Visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/dream.burls
    All sales covered by a no questions asked money back guarantee.

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    Apr 2014
    North central montana
    some of those are beautiful!....now get 'em in the mail! Lol

    2017 already.....wow....that was a short 2016.

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