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View Poll Results: Best Kitchen Knife

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  • Brandant R

    11 35.48%
  • John Wilson

    7 22.58%
  • Liam Hoffman

    13 41.94%
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Thread: 2016 KD Members Choice Awards - KITCHEN KNIVES

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    Jun 2011
    Nova Scotia, Canada

    2016 KD Members Choice Awards - KITCHEN KNIVES

    Post your nominations here

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    Jan 2014
    Southern Utah
    I'll get things started. Here's a chef's knife that I made for my daughter back in July. 10-1/2" overall length, 440C hollow-ground blade, 416 dovetailed bolsters and boxelder burl scales with black liners.

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Brandant Robinson

    I'm not addicted to knife making . . . really . . . I can stop any time. I just don't want to.

    Website: https://www.therobinsonedge.com/
    Brandant Robinson on Facebook
    Instagram: @brandantrobinson

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    Apr 2010
    Gladwin, MI
    I'm going to nominate this filet knife by John Wilson. I can't think of a better category for a filet knife. I know myself and many others use their filet knives in the kitchen constantly.

    This knife is a beauty. John's fit and finish is top notch and his handle finishes are about as good as it gets.
    John Doyle

    *MY ORDER BOOKS ARE CLOSED* Email jdoyleknives AT gmail DOT com
    for notification of available knives.

    Streem Rods, Reels and apparel. Use coupon code 'jdoyleknives' for 10% off here>>>: http://streemoutdoors.com?afmc=jdoyleknives

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    Sep 2009
    The geographical oddity known as Illinois
    "When all else fails. Fail at something new"
    Please visit www.JanikKnives.com
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