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Thread: re-introduction....been off here for a couple years.

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    Apr 2014
    North central montana

    re-introduction....been off here for a couple years.

    Hey guys,

    Right about the time my knife grinder and ht oven showed up I got swamped with work....and health issues....and extended family drama.

    It was kinda torture to see all the neat things guys were making here while I was nose to the grindstone on very uninteresting work that pays the bills.

    I told myself that I was not coming on here till I was actually working on something.

    So I kind of retreated into a hole (known as my shop...lol) and haven't had the energy or inclination to do anything creative. Till now....(I really did not think it would be two years....)

    I'm finally working on my first knife...in the oven as we speak...butchered ricasso and all...lol.

    Hope everyone is doing well, and making beautiful things.

    Smallshop (AKA Ted Hauser)


    God puts the iron in the ground and the highlights in the wood....it's His stuff, we just get to work with it....make it nice.

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    Welcome to the Knife Dogs Forum
    My knives web site: www.jn-handmade-knives.com

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    Welcome back!
    Online Tool Steel Supplier - Rounds - Flats - Precision Ground Flat Stock - Drill Rod
    Tool Steel Service of California, Inc.

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