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Thread: Let's hear some good dirt........

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    Let's hear some good dirt........

    Ok Ladydogs we have not heard from you for a while so in the interest of being an all around trouble maker let's hear some stories.

    And today's topic is.......The dumbest thing my husband/boyfreind ever did was...........?????

    The only rule is that he must have lived through the ordeal. Wife induced injuries are allowed and should be told with gusto.


    I'll get it started. A buddy of mine decided to take his wife fishing to snag carp at a local power plant. When she got caught on the bottom he came to her aid and she had pulled the line tighter than a harp string. Just as he was going to tell her to let off on the drag as not to damage the reel the hook and 2 ounce weight let loose and bashed him in the forehead rendering him unconscious and requiring several stitches. Later that week, while recovering, he decided to get fresh with her in hopes of a little retribution for his injury. She promptly launched the TV remote at him, striking his forehead and tearing out some stitches. Now thats funny!
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