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Thread: A Challenge to everyone for 2016

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    Sep 2009
    Great Falls, Montana, USA

    A Challenge to everyone for 2016

    As time flows by, we seem to have become a society of people with what I call "The big I syndrome", meaning that we more and more think of only ourselves.

    Something I am challenging myself to do in 2016 is an "Honor Challenge"...... meaning to do the "Right Thing", even when nobody is looking or cares, and to seek opportunities to put myself second. Looking back at 2015, I thought I'd always tried to do just that, but in some cases this past year, I failed miserably.

    I invite everyone to make 2016 a year of Honor.... look for, and seize those chances to put others before self, and do the right thing, even when it doesn't seem to matter, or it seems that nobody cares.

    All the best to everyone in 2016!


    "Nobody cares what you know.....until they know you care."
    Visit me at Table 2Q at the Blade Show!

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    Sep 2014
    Tampa, FL
    this should be everyone's goal

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  3. Excellant goal Ed. Those of us with kids especially need to keep this in mind. Its to easy to spend way to much time in the shop, and not enough time with family.

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    Aug 2015
    Valley of Va
    Thanks Ed, good to actually stop and think about it. More chance of carrying it out. Ed
    I am always doing that which I cannot do, In order that I may learn how to do it. --- Pablo picasso

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    Sep 2009
    Somerset, KY
    To do the right thing is the right thing to do. Thanks, Ed, for reminding us that we need to stop thinking of ourselves and start thinking about those whose lives we influence. What you sow you will reap 10 fold.

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