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Thread: Carving a Bowie Handle

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    Sep 2009
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    Carving a Bowie Handle

    Thought I would post some pics while I was working on a bowie handle..... the handle material is African Blackwood (my favorite for carving).

    First I get the handle near the finished shape I want, then layout what I want to do with a contrasting color china marker, or a colored pencil that will show up on the material I'm using.....

    Next, I rough in the straight lines with a coarse tooth file.....

    Working slowly and carefully, I refine what I want, and go to finer toothed files.....

    After things are far enough along, I then go to my "secret weapon", which requires a trip to one of the local beauty shops/stores for a bag full of "sanding sticks" (nail files). From there its just a lot of time and effort until I can get things finished finely enough to do a bit of buffing. I'll add to this thread as I progress.

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