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Thread: Heat shield material???????

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    Heat shield material???????

    My forge sits on a cart I made with a plywood top, and casters to be able to move it around, due to space problems in my shop. The other day I noticed that after a recent remodel job on the forge, the plywood gets warm after using the forge for a while.
    This pic is one taken during the re-working of the forge as it doesn't show the final product where the wiring is all thermally protected, and a few other changes that were made!

    I really don't think the top is getting warm enough to be a problem however, to be on the safe side I would like to place something down on the top between the plywood and the forge. I have to cover a top about 24' X 30".

    I would prefer it too be something solid so I don't have to worry about small items disappearing in any cracks or crevices by using pieces to cover the top.

    So anyone got any suggestions, as too what i might use to act as a heat shield that is durable and low cost, and readily available????
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