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Thread: Memorial Day

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    Aug 2009
    Corbett, Or

    Memorial Day

    May God bless all those who have served and continue to serve our country, their families as well. A special thanks to you Ray, and all the other Vietnam Vets out there, for serving in what seems to have been the war for which veterans were least thanked for their sacrifice.

    Here's a video I stumbled across today that I think sums up pretty well why we must fight. Kinda think the guy talking had some good ideas too... : ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpH5L8zCtSk

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    Aug 2009
    Gresham, Oregon
    Peter, Thanks for the thoughts!

    This is an old photo I gleaned from the 1st/22inf website. I'm the fellow with the goofy looking hat. 22 years old and considered to be an old man compared to the rest of the fellows over there. This photo must have been taken in September of 1969. It was the first of many new landing zones for me. Believe it was named LZ No Name.

    The fellow to my left is Dave. On June 14th, 1970 he became a KIA from a sniper's bullet. One of many fellows that lost there lives over there. Dave, I think of you quite often along with all the others that had there lives taken from them. Thank you, Brothers!

    Second chances don't stop at two.....

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    Aug 2009
    steelville , mo.
    We all lost some buddies , I think of them all the time . he was a true hero , as he paid the ultimate price . May god bless them all .

    lets not ever forget what the 4 th is for . In true Comradship bubba-san Vietnam 64 -68
    " If it ain't 6 " long it ain't no tanto"

    25 year Member Japanese sword Society..........Life time member Tenshin Dojo

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    Nov 2009
    10,000 LAKES
    Nice Hat :-)

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