Hello everyone, I know there is a ton of good information on the 2x42 craftsman and this is just some ideas I have and want to see what all the guys who own one or have owned a 2x42 or built there own will maybe be able to help me figure out if it will work. What I had an idea for the 2x42 is the platen sucks and you cant grind on the contact wheel cause it is only aluminum and I am trying to figure a way to fix it and make it work better than it was. Ok now I know of all the good grinders out there like Burr King,Wilton, KMG , NWG ,hardcore, Pheer , coote and many more. I know those are better grinders but at the time I can not afford them on my paychecks. So for my first idea, is to make a 2x6 grinding wheel from plywood like Michael Morris did and true it up and put it on so I can grind on the contact wheel. Not going to do hollow grinds just shaping blade profile. By doing that I think it would give more give and not kill the platen cause i use to grind shapes on the table to the platen. And the second part of my idea was to get a 2'' angle iron and make it the platen cause it is more square than stock platen , so I can grind bevels evenly all the time with some hard work and time. My second idea is just to basically take my 2x42 frame off and somehow attach it to a bench grinder that is 1hp and would make it work better then a 1/3 rd hp motor. So these are my ideas if you have any ideas or thoughts let me know. But remember this isn't because I don't want to get a better grinder just have to make mine better till i can afford it. Maybe even help out other guys who just started out.