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Thread: Branson Hammer-In / Show

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    Oct 2009
    N.W. Arkansas

    Branson Hammer-In / Show

    I recently had the opportunity to run a table for the ABS at the Branson Hammer-In/Knife Show.

    It was a great time! The show is a lot of fun with demonstrations running all day both days.

    Jerry Lairson giving a satin blade finish demonstration.

    Jim Crowell forging a knife.

    Brion Tomberlin giving a hamon tutorial

    Plus, there is a cutting competition which is always a lot of fun.

    Even the Steel Barron himself made an appearance!



    (formerly mrnewberry)

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    Aug 2009
    Da Bronx NY
    Cool pics

    that Aldo guy is some character :"D
    Please Visit: www.stabberssteelconnection.com

    Got Siska's

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    Aug 2009
    steelville , mo.
    Looks like a lot of fun.... Aldo made it !!! I wish I would have known about this one ... I am only about 150 miles or so north of Branson
    - Bubba
    " If it ain't 6 " long it ain't no tanto"

    25 year Member Japanese sword Society..........Life time member Tenshin Dojo

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